Red Sentry skin

Im unsure if its been mentioned or not, but was browsing the skins tab in search of a skin when I noticed something. The new common sentry skin is valued as a rare skin, 500 dust required to unlock.

Mentioned before but there has been no change so I guess the different price is intended.

The reason why it costs more is because the skin was meant to be a Rare skin originally but was changed last minute. It is unknown if the price will be changed in future.


So it has everything a rare would have?

In terms of differences between common and rare skin the only one I know of is how they look and how they are obtained. Stat boosts are equal just in different places usually

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Rare skins usually have drastic changes to the characters head sculpt, and a general change in uniform color and sigil positioning.

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Yup, that’s what threw me off initially when making the post. I thought it was just a pricing error since it looks like a recolor

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