Why double common skins?

The first time I looked through the skins of the heroes I noticed that Hardscope has 2 common skins, ok, maybe I thought maybe one mistake, maybe one should be a common and the other a rare skin. Apparently it was not a mistake because Mauler now also has 2 Common Skins, why? Why does not every hero have a Common, Rare, Legendary skin?

Small calculation: We currently have 68 heroes (x3 skins) = 204 skins total. At the moment there are 63 skins (including the double commons) 204 - 63 = 141. Assuming that there are 4 new skins every month, that lasts for 35 (!) Months (even with 5 new skins it’s 28 months). Assuming that there are 1 new hero each month (assuming 5 skins per month, this would be 28 months = 28 heroes = 28 x 3 = 84 new skins, another 16 months more) 16months + 28months = 3, 6 years. Tell me, HH, why are you doing double common skins?


Because that’s what they happen to come up with? :man_shrugging: Is it really an issue?

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Seen this discussion before. I don’t get the issue either.
Bring those duplicate common skins, HH.

I prefer to look at it from a different perspective.

Say you were in combat 24/7. And say that said combat occurred in a desert like environment. And say that said combat in said desert like environment had a few casualties

So there you are with blood, sweat and tears all muddled up and smeared on your brand spanning new uniform that you just purchased from Nordstrom’s. Wouldn’t you, perhaps, drop by the dry cleaners, get your fancy new outfit cleaned and switch over to another uniform whilst the snazzy new outfit was washed up and folded?

I, for one, would say yes! In fact, I’d go one step further and ask for some funky new outfits to really get all dressed up in. From the downright weird and strange to ultra hipster. Who here wouldn’t want to see Scum prancing about in a Speedo?!

Bueller? Bueller?

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