Skin sentry

Hi, I find it a pity that 2 common skin or just the color changes does not give the same power

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The damage boost on the KLG skin is 1% lower, hence the lower power rating. I think the KLG sniper is just incompetent, lol.

Lol but it’s not just him

Who else has this issue am curious about the hero’s that have this problem I didn’t notice that in my sentry maybe I didn’t look closely if it’s not much to ask can you show me some pics thank you mate

Cross, razor all 2 have a common and rare skin but with the same power
Matador 2 skin rare but one of the 2 is weaker
Operator 2 common skin of the same power
Night his legendary skin is weaker than his rare skin
Ghoul his rare skin at the same power as his common skin

Ultimately it does not bother me that it is of the same power, it bothers me when 2 common skin has a different power or that a legendary is weaker than a rare

There is still another example I did not cite them all

Mmm i think you are onto something i never noticed this mate especially the night legendary skin been weaker

Thank you for taking your time and answering my question but yes that is very odd but indeed do devs know this ?