Refresh Solo and Coop Raid

The Solo and Coop Raid need’s a refresh.

Need a new challenges and new and better rewards, because is just the same a long time.

And I think is a good idea renovate that two parts of the game.
For example, make a different events per week, and rewards can be give a chance to unlock heroes of the bonus faction mixing with fragments of the other heroes to the same faction.
Other reward could be the platinum and ruby cores.

I think this a good idea.


I suspect down the line, ruby gear will be added to level 95/100 raids but currently the game is designed to limit how fast you can ruby heroes. This likely won’t happen for a while by my estimates


Unfortunately you may right.
My opinion is the game need more this kind of updates, and a new maps too, instead just add new heroes every update.

We can reset coops but since there is a frag cap its useless

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