New solo raid

Every one i know in this game is having promblems with getting one thing, and that thing is cash, so this what think will make it easier
Solo raid where you get cash
Not like a gauntlet, you dont get any special currency or hero fragments
7 difficulties
Would like to hear from longtime-players, cause this is the category of players which suffers the most


Would this be a daily raid, or a raid that opens once / week?
Personally I think it would solve a lot of they just increased the bucks we get from Gauntlet and the Campaign Missions. Maybe open up a new Gauntlet sector (6) that gives more bucks than sector 5.
But of course I wouldn’t dislike a completely new solo raid either. A new game mode would need some fundamental distinctions from the modes we already have though, not just “pick your top team and rush it”, it would need some special rules. Maybe if we had this reward, let’s say 500.000 bucks, and the more heroes we used to claim it the less we actually get to keep, like the reward gets divided by number of heroes. This would lead to trying to clear it with one solo hero and that would be fun. Different enemies each day so that you’re obligated to change your approach each time.

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I was trying to think of something new rather than 6th sector at gauntlet🤔
Rules you described would spice it up,
also it may be this-month-fraction-only-event
One thing is for sure: something needs to be done
By the way did you see bounty rank rewards i mean they are so little, 500k for 1st place?

Maybe 1 unlimited wave run per day. (like per wave difficulty increases 2~3x)

Per wave you are ask to choose a prize you want.

And at the end of every wave, you are given a choice to continue or collect the prizes.
if you continue to the next wave and lose, you lose all your prizes. (pay gold to revive your heroes - maybe +100gold/per wave level? per revive all heroes?)


I’d love to see something like this in a coop, start with a buddy to clear wave after wave, then get some bucks, I’d like to try some teams with my guys to fight along them


@Aaron revive isnt really good, cause it will lower the risks and make it less interesting
@Kraterios This is even better cause you can trade and get double the rewards

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Maybe you just have a reset but you pay 100 gold if its a solo raid and 150 if its coop, would be fair enough

@Aaron, hahahaha. Gaming is a business and businesses run on gold…i mean gems…no wait im pretty sure they run on doughnuts right?

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@Aaron can you please stop, we’re talking about a raid, no player mentioned gold, just a feature to get bucks for everyone, you’re complaining on every post last hours.

You ruined my spirit to actually contribute sorry


I’ve suggested this before and I’ll suggest it again…

Similar to PvP chests and rewards being divided into groups:

Rookie (Team Level 1-13)
Competitor (Team Level 14-42)
Challenger (Team Level 43-59)
Champion (Team Level 60-70)

Gauntlet chests/rewards should also be based off Team Level to better balance the scaling of the Bucks requirement as you level up (higher level, more bucks)


Aaron was suggesting too. idk why someone got offended lol :joy:
well all ideas should be welcome imo. Thats why they made the forums so people can speak.


Yeah, the top rewards for any event is very low. Maybe those reward were enough 6 months ago (IDK because I’ve only been playing since April) but the game grows, we get more and more characters to build so the rewards much increase and scale accordingly or else people will be frustrated and lose interest.

Well what about bucks in pvp, they were not introduced so long ago

I’ll agree that this would be nice but realistically there isn’t a problem with the amount of cash you can get a day. This game is a grind and just like fragments you gotta grind for the moneys too.

There is a big problem with the amount of cash you need 1070000 bucks to level a heroes skills from level 65 to level 70. That is almost a day of cash income.

The cash wasn´t increased since the level cap was at level 50. While you get more and more XP and can level your heroes straight from 1 to 70, the skills can´t follow that, because of a lack of cash.

Right but mixed in with money from events and money from daily I usually run low towards the end of the day but i haven’t seen this as a actual problem. But the instant win tickets in the other hand I’d love to see something done about that.

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