Regarding App Store Purchases (1/24/2020)


Apple is currently experiencing issues on their end regarding App Store Purchases. You can check the status of the App Store at the following link:

As this is not an issue on our end, and is affecting every app on the App Store, there isn’t anything we can do to assist. If you’ve been charged but haven’t received your purchase, we recommend contacting Apple directly for a refund, as we can’t guarantee your purchase will complete once they resolve the store issue.

Here are the steps to contact Apple about this:

  • On your iTunes invoice, there is a link for Purchase History, click that and it will open up iTunes.

  • Login with your username and password if you are prompted

  • A page with your recent purchases should be shown. On there, scroll down and click the “Report a Problem” button.

  • Find the invoice with this purchase on it, and click the “Report a Problem” link next to it in the list.

  • Fill out the form explaining that you did not wish to purchase the item for this game. Include as much detail as you remember, and Apple will usually respond within a 2-3 days and process the refund in a timely manner. Make sure to mention you have already contacted us.

  • When you get to the “Report a Problem” form, make sure to select the reason from the drop down that says something like “I inadvertently purchased this”. If you select one of the other reasons, like “I’m having trouble with this application”, they will send you to us for help.

Thanks for your patience!


You might wanna consider putting this on a red banner in VIP. Loads of people still making purchases and won’t know about this

The issue seems to be resolved on Apple’s end. Thanks for your patience!