Remove Stamina/ stamina free mode

I think I speak for everypne when I say stamina should be removed, it just impedes gameplay and causes fustration, it this cannot be done at least make a mode where there is no stamina. example pvp with no rewards. A stamina free mode with no rewards will keep people playing while they wait for stamina


From a game design perspective, I understand they do it to create an artificial scarcity. Many online games do this and it works for a reason.

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Its called skinner box, search it up

There are some games that have changed the use of stamina.

One of my games, Dark Moon, has solved this quite well I think.
For replaying already cleared stages they use some tokens/tickets. These tokens refill over time and can be earned in some daily quests.
For new stages/missions you don‘t need any token/stamina.

This allows you to try as often as you want to until you‘re successful.

I agree with you there should be atleast one mode without stamina because when it empty there is nothing to do just forsed to close the game. So we can buzy in one mode while stamina refill for story mode. So I’m fully agree with you hope Developers will too…

A lot of players like having stamina, it allows them to take a break and also prevents people from burning out on a game. Ever played a game for a weekend and then quit because you got sick of it?

You get a lot of stamina from alliance events, which is great as it encourages participation. And once you start building up a lot of heroes you can spend half a day in pvp because of all your lives.

Have a bit of patience and if you don’t then PAY gold for some more stamina. A full reload of stamina only cost 40 gold which you can daily just from playing. I think that’s a good option if you’re really that impatient.

Burning out on a game? Really by playing more and more game fun increasing even Developers also always want that people play there games all day by this other game companies gave them ads because high poplation of Online players. Don’t know why here prefer energy regeneration system. Your thinking is very deferent.

I think stamina should be consumed only when using quick play or auto mode I think for us players who enjoy playing the game and want to grind it out should be able to play unlimited. This way resources can still be gathered with the quick and auto modes but for us who like to play and grind can still achieve them at a steady pace. With the energy limit it can honestly take days to get a single hero all geared up for a promotion and in hard mode using twice the energy it could probally take weeks or months to gather all the fragments to obtain or even level up a single hero.