Stamina bank

2 separate stamina bars. Once stamina is at maximum capacity any extra stamina gets stored in another bar
Any regular stamina can be converted (for free or for cash) to spare stamina

Why? Because a large base of players spare up stamina for the new upcoming heroes. When sparing you are not able to recharge stamina. This way you don’t waste any stamina. Or it makes sparing easier.
Any feedback on this idea is welcome

Sadly this would remove the need for people to buy energy using Gold which is a major thing alot of players my size do when upgrading. This would also negate the need to log in and participate more actively as often the only reason to log in is to use energy. Energy how it works currently is good, I do however think it should refill faster or have a larger limit capacity to it.


Any energy you buy will go to your extra stamina. You won’t lose the need of buying stamina

I don’t collect the rewards until I need them or they are about to expire. I usually have about 4-6 pvp rewards just waiting for the new hero.


Randy, Ever forgot to claim your shi t? I forgot to claim my bounty once. :laughing:


It has gotten close. I recently started to claim anything within 10 days during the alliance victory events.

Can’t wait ’til I’m in that situation of too much stamina. It should mean all heroes maxed out (I.e. lvl 99, 10*, ruby+0) and 100K of each item in inventory