Replace coop pvp with a new format

Too many times people have complained about the mismatch in coop PvP, which just discourages others from playing. In turn, fewer players means more mismatched games. A vicious cycle….

We shall start something new. For example, let’s do a “play like the champions” event. Everyone will be randomly assigned with a team layout from the winner of a previous event. The team could be at any level, but both opponents shall have the same team, and which also means ruby players might end up with a brown team. Therefore , only skills are tested in such matches, and no one can complain if s/he loses ….

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How about a “ALL U can EAT” ONLY BOT weekend. :smiley:

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Wtf, I started liking this game even more once they put in co op pvp. My wife gets to play online with me while we both are apart and it’s a lot of fun. Just because you and a few other people are having issues that doesn’t mean they should replace it.

Why don’t you go play regular pvp? I stopped regular pvp once co op came and I am not going around talking about get rid of regular pvp or complain about any part of it because I no longer play it. Why continually login to a game you all like to find things to complain about? Why not just play the parts you like then get off and go do something else?

Btw the balance isn’t off because of the pvp system with matchmaking, the balance is off with people having ruby hero’s in general. If you think about it everything is off since ruby players match with people not having ruby or low level 95 rubies. Another example you can go to war with us and I have two 100 accounts 216k top five so imagine how easy that war would be. I would just suggest finding a new game you like then you will spend more time being happy…

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got to agree with Dantheman i play co op PVP and co ops missions with my brother who plays the game just wish they made a co op campaign now


I like the concept of that gamemode. Since it indeed truly shows skill. Though i don’t agree with scrapping it. It’s still an awesome gamemode that allows me to play with friends and people i know. It’s unique and fun.
I don’t care if some mismatches happen

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I don’t think you have a saying over his personal life. I really wouldn’t do that if i were you

I agree with you, people complain only because they haven’t figured it out enough to win more games. Yes sometimes even my low ruby accounts get mismatched 20-40k 95’s vs two 100 players but sometimes I win those games as well.

I’ll never understand the complaining over something they have no power of changing when they could just go play a different game mode or game.

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I like coop pvp. Enjoy very much playing with Sprite to collect pvp gems. It’s one of my favorite parts of the game.thats why I get so angery over the issues it has.

Love the all u can eat bot idea!

People usually complain because they don’t like something and want it to change. It’s not always constructive, but they did care enough to complain. If they express their frustration through an appropriate channel with appropriate behavior, it’s fine by me. Sometimes it is better to just walk away and do something else, but not every single time.

In the past, forum posts led to implementations in-game. At the same time, complaints about Co-op PVP Matchmaking pop up every time there’s a Co-op PVP Tournament, and nothing has come of it. I suppose the chances of matchmaking actually changing nowadays is very low, but not zero.


I like your way of thinking. I agree on it👍

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If there is a secret to coop pvp wins why not let us know . Why say we havent figured it out and leave it at that.
No power to change something that is wrong. If we all thought that way the world would be alot worse off.
What other game mode can I play in chat with Sprite when we have time to hang out.
This is the only game I play. I dont want to invest time or effort into another game.
When this game goes away so will my days of playing a video game.


I read the PM you sent Sprite. Now your contradicting your self again. Why?

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This mode is barely a year old. Wouldn’t make sense to just replace it with some other new mode. You can figure it out what works best as others say or find some other strategy.

If we are randomly assigned a team layout based on the previous winner, that’s just leaving it up to chance. I’d rather choose my combos that can work.

I apologize if my comments caused issues but that meant to be a lighthearted joke. However, I admitted that “wtf” set me off too.
We are here to make suggestions, some are good, some are rubbish, really depends on your personal view. By the end of day, we are here to have some fun. No need to be aggressive.


As long as that team switch bug remains unfixed, the coop pvp gamemode will remain flawed and give exploiting players the advantage. Best to continually report the issue until a fix is made (and to avoid the gamemode entirely if it bothers you that much)

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I would SO LOVE a coop campaign even more than coop pvp matches.


The connection and the matchups are awful. :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

:smiley: :smile: all you can eat ,BOT event

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Well it depends on your power level, the hero’s you have leveled up, who your partner is and if you two are on auto or manual.

Took me a long time to figure out what teams work as pvp meta changes every month and I usually play pvp with my alt account so easier for me to focus heros down faster for wins.

What works for me might not work for you, currently all my accounts or 100,99,98 ect so I play high level pvp. As I am sure you play lower power pvp so things are possibly different there. If you are also playing high level then I am sure you have seen me on there :slight_smile:

Instead of seeing them get rid of co op pvp it would be nice if they added realistic mode with the one shot kill as it’s on pvp area. Co op works for us high level players that play, it only messes up sometimes on lower level players because the game wants to match you with a real player instead of a bots. Best to level up faster then co op doesn’t do lopsided power levels anymore