Request for more Statistics

Hey Devs,

Please consider adding more stats to events, ie:

  • Bounty
  1. How many times a player spawned enemy bounties
  2. How many of each type of bounty players got the final blow (killed)
  3. How many lives left players have
  • PvP
  1. How many lives lost
  2. Win / Lose ratio

More details to the game would be great :slight_smile:


I wanna see how much a specific skill contributed to the overall healing / damage. Like Lifetap. I wonder how useful Lifetap really is during a match; how much health does Lifetap helped to restore etc.

Really agree with the final blow.

Someone needs to finish these, wasting millions of damage, but they don’t get the appreciation for doing it

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I would also like to see how many times a person has played a bounty mission. A number next to their name and damage showing they have done 57 bounty missions so far (or whatever number) for that specific event, would be great.

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