Alliance Improvement

  • Player Progress

I would like to suggest a way the game could produce data allowing leader’s to review the event history of the members in Alliance

  • Bounty Events

Bounty Events: No history

  • only shows the points for top 100 alliances
    (Our Alliance comes in between 250-220th place which has rank rewards and is close to the next ranking) There is not a way to determine an etimated guess to what we need in points to reach next ranking, that is a significant range diference)
    The points per player does not help when determining the points per bounties killed.
    Activity log: for example, shows all bounties defeted with the amount of points only I received, I find this pointless however if we could see the total amount each player contributed to each bounty could help in improving a strategy to reach next goal.
    -It would be great to see how many bounties each player finished off. There is not a way to see if players are finshing the bounties or only hitting for points.
  • PVP
    PVP: has history of top 20 Alliances
    If you change the categories at the bottom: rookie, competitor, challanger, champion is shows the same top 20 Alliances which is incorrect.
  • Could there be away to have history saved by ranking rewards by Alliance as well as individuals another hard to improve on as an Alliance or Individual players

Noticed this during last PVP 12/18
I did not make it to Division 1 in PVP , normaly I do, and I discovered I could not see our Alliance contributions after PVP event, I just discovered this by asking my husband to look at his, he had made it to Division 1, and was able to see all Alliance contributions including mine, as insignificant they were :pensive:
This information is the closest info I am able to use in progression as an Alliance

There are games that are able to hold all past info to allow leaders the data to improve there Alliance.
I wanted to bring this up and hopefully others respond or provide feedback!!

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Make a screenshot of the contribution and store it somewhere, then you can review it whenever you want to.

Just can see how much damage was done by each player to a bounty if you click it in the activity log. And if you want to see if someone only hits for damage you can just look at the unfinished ones and see who started them.
A finishing counter would nevertheless be nice.

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Continuing the discussion from Alliance Improvement:

That could help with PVP but not Bounty thanks!

@WalleWu I look at all the point for a bounty, majority I have to finish them off. I sent everyone a msg and its getting better…but will never know for sure lol!

If in your alliance everyone is just looking for their own bounty damage and not for the overall performance of your team, that is a problem you have to solf yourself. In a proper alliance everyione should work towards getting as much points as possible and not as much damage as possible.

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I am not 100% sure this is an isssue but have brought it up to all members! We just want to make the next ranking rewards lol we get so close and we are unable to compare scores until 100 th place!

  • There is a large gap within the ranking rewards and trying to determine a fluctuating number among the points needed to reach, even in the top 200, is unavailable.
    Thanks for the feedback :+1:

Patrols!!! What is the mystery behind reaching each level?? Is the points required to move on counted in overall total for each patrol box or once you move to next level points start over? Not sure If I am explaining my question… Maybe someone knows what I am asking???

It continues counting, but the amount shown is always how many points you need towards the next crate

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