Bounty thought

Just a thought here dont know if this has been bought up before but I would like to see how many coins/tokens are earned per person in the alliance not just damage delt I feel that that might be another way to push people to do more and contribute more


I would like to see player damage leaderboard as well globally not only inside the alliance

I also would like a running tally of skulls taken per player instead of / or in addition to damage dealt. All too often I see players spamming attacks across multiple bounties leaving crumbs for the rest of their alliance. We all know that damage done is really meaningless; killing the bounty is what counts. But, almost every alliance has a bounty damage requirement so people are just trying to not get kicked vs. finishing off the bounty for the good of the whole alliance.


That would be great-useful in alliances where everyones is maxed (or at least, almost everyone ist over 1mill whole team power.

Now, imagine this to medium alliances (where there are player over 1mill, players within 800-500k power and player under 500k power) or even low level alliances (where almost everyone is under 500k power). When you’ve reached certain bounty reward (I guess it’s #10) most of times you only find 2plat 85 level targets or more powerful targets who this 500k power player can’t beat in a single shot (sometimes they can’t even in 2 or 3).

Honestly, i think a token based display of contribution would be a great addition to bounty. Lot’s of times i end up as Janitor, cleaning up after other people’s hits, so my bounty dmg is miniscule compared to others, but high in contribution

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Thats something you need to settle internally. In my team we cant do that.

I dont mind doing clean up alot of it doesnt show on total damage done now if tokens was shown then you can see who the real contributors are

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Deal damage with the hitters, clean up with top damage non bonus heroes

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Get rid of bounty all together and relpace it with a different mode… it’s boring a f, time consuming, and hasn’t changed in ages.


I would love to see who is getting the kills. Well besides me. Lol The biggest issue in bounty is not cleaning your plate. A lot of players start a bounty and never finish them. I always say points are worthless. The Kill gets us our rank. So basically me and a couple of my guys clean off the board to deal with it. Maybe if the kills are also displayed this will motivate those players to finish their bounties. Even better idea make a prize that you can only get from killing bounties. One prize deacent amount of coins needed to unlock. Just a suggestion.

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Its good mode but they need to increase the rewards and keep it fresh

Unlock what?..

They should give alliance gems per kill, not sure a good number there. (50?) maybe make a damage milestone also. Rewards deff needs to change, worst game mode out here, rewards dont seem to add up for top 50 plus, i can do better in pvp for time spent.

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I would like to see the health of the bounty and the tokens for finishing it doubled along with the number of heroes you can bring. Makes it so you do not have to run as many to use all your bounty stamina and get your points in.

Darrell, you summed it up perfectly.

Bounty is still good as for now… But needs some better motivation.

It could be:

  • Increasing the rewards a little is a better idea. (since some of us are still unsatisfied with the given reward)
  • Displaying globally the damage you have made with, of course, a reward. (for those who are very competitive)
  • Putting a surprise reward, gold or gem, same as the Patrol, if you are the one who killed the bounty (where sometimes your role is just finishing off the almost dead bounty; e.g. 1k health left)

In these ways, maybe some players will change their mind and do better.

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And all this time I thought I was the only 1 who was thinking coins/tokens would be better than damage delt lol

To unlock a prize based on bounty coins you get from only killing off bounties.

I agree with instead of damage showing tokens earned or at least showing both. Also global leader for individual damage/tokens is a really cool concept hopefully devs think about it. Having rewards for doing better would definitely get more people involved.

Good point/s to raise. Showing the tokens earned would be nice, as it would give you an idea of what you have in terms of the tokens. But definitely will be great if both damage done and token earned info are available. I for one is always checking data/records from bounties and other challenges.

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