Coin contribution tracker in bounty events

In bounty events, we can generally depict how much players contribute to the event by checking the damage that players have dealt overall. However it’s not very accurate; you could bring down the health of a bounty down to 1 and it wouldn’t benefit the Alliance unless if it was finished off before it escapes. However, this still raises your total damage count. What if in addition to tracking total damage, we track total bounty coins contributed per player?

For example, a bounty will drop 100 bounty coins if fully defeated. If someone finishes that bounty, they receive 100 bounty coins to their name as their ‘contribution’. If they did 75% of the bounty’s health and a second player finished the remaining 25%, the first player would receive 75% of the total coins from the bounty (in this scenario 75 coins out of 100), and the second player would receive the other 25% (25 coins). If the bounty was partially hit by a player but never finished, their bounty coin ‘contribution’ would not increase until said bounty was defeated.

This system would be quite handy to monitor player performance during bounty. You would be able to monitor if their damage is proportional to what they are contributing, and easily identify the ones that are simply trying to bring in damage over finishing bounties. I hope this idea hasn’t been brought up before, and I apologise if it has in advance.


Not a bad idea. I would like to see individual leaderboards like we have in pvp, would motivate some players to do more

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I like this idea… I think it will be more fair for the whole members…
Because some of the players only chase individual damage point, but actually if u didn’t finish the bounty, the Alliance will get nothing for milestone…

This way we can see who has more contributions for the milestone rewards…

Great idea man, Also summoning should be abit cheaper and their should either be a bounty bank we all can throw bucks in to summon as a team. Or to avoid fights and bounty stealing put the totaled bucks each player contributed .

I would also like to see
Summon Tracker - Who Summoned which bounty
Cash Spent - Who spent how much in bounty
This would help with a lot of disputes within the alliance

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I rather there be a way to tell who spent the most summoning bounties. Who cares about the coins really, I don’t see why that matters much in the long run…


What I’m wondering is why a player would damage a bounty only to not finish it off.

I think the damage counter shows enough information. If you’re spending time on bounty to get upwards of 2B points, then it makes no sense for that work to be wasted on escaped bounties.

If the goal is more accountability within your alliance, maybe just communicate to your team to finish what bounties they start.

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I think it’s because the only way to police/set bounty minimum right now is by damage contribution. Some people only want to hit the bare minimum and the fastest way to do so sadly, is buy hitting a buncha of big bounty, but not finishing it. No amount of communication will change some people’s bad habit.


In which case, the best thing to do is to either raise the minimums to compensate for lack of points, or start keeping an eye on who is doing what. Still strange that people would waste time on minimums but not actually get the reward for it.

Some people expect others to finish their bounties. They just want to hit the 2B or 3B damage that the alliance minimum target for individuals and leave it at that.

I have seen this is multiple alliances where bounties remain in the list with 100k , 10k health remain and then the bounty escapes


You make a compelling argument. Maybe having the person who finishes off the bounty get all the points, and then you can compare the two sets of data (damage and points).

Someone who has a lot of one but none in the other would be shown to be leeching off of other players work, which gives Commanders and XOs the chance to purge out those alliance members if they so desire.

Before my current alliance, I totally was into something like a bounty bank. Would it be mandatory? Like an ante

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I usually finish bounties that are laying around for my alliance, I do it because my hero’s all the way in the back are as strong as some other players.

It use to annoy me back when I only had one account but now I attack on one and use another to finish off mine and others bounties. Seems to work for us and we hit milestone 2 within 24 hours every bounty.

Bounty is supposed to be a team effort. If someone leaves 10k on a bounty, use a small team of non boosted heros and finish it off. Yeah, it sucks to waste your time, but it helps the team…


I’d rather them shift all bounties to ruby

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