Request: Quick win tickets

I love the game but, because I can’t stand the idea of stamina going to waste, I end up leaving my phone by my side around others or at work and tapping ‘replay’, ‘continue’, etc every 5 minutes which is, frankly, shameful.

Like I said, love the game but I don’t like how I have to snap my focus away from other people or the work I’m doing just to pull my phone out and have my heroes slowly duke it out in a fight where the result is already fully pre-ordained.

Possible solutions

  1. Personal solution: I buy more quick wins
  • unfortunately at the current cost of 40 gold for just a few tickets this is pretty darn hard to swallow. In just a few purchases that’s a crates worth of gold and the problem of not enough quick wins remains
  1. Personal solution: I become okay with not using all of the stamina being given all of the time
  • this is hard for me and, I suspect, others too. Stamina is how you progress in the game and get more things to advance the story and advance your heroes so having the prerequisites of (a) stamina and (b) 3-starred missions but not having © the real-life time to have fights with pre-determined outcomes act out on your screen makes for a frustrated user.
  1. Personal solution: I leave the game altogether to ensure the game does not encroach too far on personal life or work life
  • Because I can’t do #2, this is where I’m leaning right now. I’m LVL 56 now and am thinking I will leave once I reach LVL 60 in a few days (2.75mil for PvP means the game will demand even more time from me but at least those outcomes are not pre-determined and actually involve playing vs spectating).
  1. Dev. Solution: Introduce more quick wins
  • optA . Increase drop rates for silver chest or others
  • optB . Increase amounts given in circumstances a variable amount are randomly awarded (eg chest openings, mission completion, etc)

Add’l note:

  • this is especially important for non VIP players. Thank God VIPs get some automatically. I’m sure many of the players on this forum are VIPs (I’m only vip1) but I feel sorry for those at vip0 who have even less quick win tickets and are being told in even more explicit terms “watch these meaningless matches or you can pay us and we’ll allow you to use your time to do the parts of the game that are actually fun”

How about if I give you mine? I have over 3000 of them and it’s annoying for VIP players to get them in pvp crates. So let me offer a variable solution.

  1. Stop giving Quick Win Tickets in pvp crates. Instead give PVP Gems and make the Quick Win Tickets purchaseable using PVP Gems in the PVP Store.

  2. Give people who don’t want any more Quick Win tickets an opportunity to sell them for in-game cash or PVP Gems or Alliance Gems.

This is a win-win. People who want them can get more, and people who don’t want them can trade them for a reward more useful to them.

As it stands now, the F2P people are frustrated that they don’t get enough and the VIP people are frustrated that I took out 5 pvp opponents, just to get a crate of uselessness.

And to further belabor the point. I opened three “Essential Chests” and got Quick Win Tickets as my “essential” prize all three times. Guess what I will never spend gold on again?


For the record, this seems mostly reasonable with some tweaks–don’t have time to elaborate rn though.

If, indeed, VIP rewards includes too many ways to get tickets and low-VIP and F2P players find they have too few, then it sounds like restructuring of how many one gets from which ways (and/or how one gets tickets in general) is a logical move :slight_smile:

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