Make quick win tickets free

I’ve been playing the game for around a week and in the start quick win tickets wasn’t a concern, but now that I’ve reached team level 45 and almost 40 000 team power it’s become really frustrating.

I really enjoyed the game up until now. There was much to do and deep game mechanics that were easy to learn and hard to master. It was the perfect game.

The only thing that has annoyed me from the beginning is the overwelming amount of microtransaction. I felt disrespected from the start. Forced into buying stuff. Which I didn’t, because I didn’t like the way you treated your players.

I’m not saying you should remove every microtransaction. I just want you to remove quick win tickets from the game, or make them free, It’s the same thing. There is no reason to have them. We already have a limited amount of stamina, so why do we need quick win tickets too. Or if you still feel greedy, at least make them drop more and make them easier to get in late game, because you really don’t want to lose your late game players. Those are the most loyal and should be the most rewarded players. Those are the ones who spread the word and make the game more popular.

They don’t give you free quick win tickets to make you spend real money. If you are vip 3+ you will get loads of them. If you don’t want to spend you have to grind. I think that is fair.

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@Rob So how do you get quick win tickets through grinding exactly?

I meant play the missions again, not using quick wins. It takes a lot of time but just have it on auto play while you do other stuff.

You can grind to get quick wins by doing loads of pvp if you prefer that way.

I’m almost free to play (vip1) and have 100s of quick win tickets from pvp saved up

PvP crates and events

@Rob Do you use a lot of them daily? Is it viable to grins PvP to get them?

I’ve tried auto-play without quick wins, but it takes forever. It’s frustrating that someone who bought it with rl money only use a minute to do their missions while I have to use all off my free-time if I want to do so. I really don’t see the point in having them in the game and I really don’t get why all of you keep on defending it.

i honestly get 100 pvp tickets a day from pvp crates you can pvp and easily get quick wins tickets .

Seems that you want to have everything for free. Sorry to disapoint you, but this game is developed t to make money.

Back to the topic. Im VIP 1 and doing all missions with quick win. At the moment i have more than 2400 and havent dropped below 2000 for weeks.
So there is no need to make them free, you already can play everything on quick win.


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