Trading quick win tickets and other

I think there should be a new store where you Can trade things like quick win tickets for say stamina or 2 bronze fuel cells for one silver things like that I think people would appreciate that like the ones who have lots of quick wins

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I like the idea of being able to trade resources as well but I think if they implemented it at this point, the return would be very, very low. Like 10 quick win tix for 1 stamina point or 10 Gold Grenades for 10,000 bucks. There are too many players with huge stockpiles of some items and if they could all of a sudden exchange them and get a good return, they’d get a huge boost over casual players.

Honestly, even at a crappy return I’d still probably do it. I just have so much of a few gear parts that I’ll never be able to use them anyway.

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