🗣 return draft to us


Dear developers, return the heroes draft tournament to the players.
Many players consider this tournament your best invention and this is a fact. This is the best game mode in history.
We are ready to play it even without rewards.
If this tournament takes up a lot of playing time, make it not 24 hours, but 12 hours. We are even satisfied with 5 hours. We will be glad even to two hours of this tournament.

There is another option, the so-called plan “B”.

I have a proposal that will interest you, both developers and us, as players.

You can change the tournament access system and change the tournament reward system.

Make entry to the tournament paid for gold. (This already means that players will replenish your pocket).
Also make a gold reward. (This will attract the player who bought the ticket for this tournament).

For example: a player who bought a ticket for 200 gold can take first place and win 1000 gold in a fair fight. Or take second place and win 500 gold. Or take 3rd place and win 300 gold. Or take 4-10 place and return your 200 gold, or get a free ticket to the next tournament.
All other players unfortunately lose their 200 gold, although during the tournament they will return their gold from the PVP box.

In general, I want to express the opinion of a very large number of players and I ask you, return the draft fight to us.

:ok_hand: Thank you for your attention, I hope you will listen to us and do something with this … :fist_right::fist_left:


Couldn’t agree more. The draft was a great event that brought some much needed variation to the normal pvp grind. It was just the rewards that sucked.

So just throw some more goodies in there and bring it back please.


We need answers!!! When will you return the draft? :wink: karakum


As for me Draft Brawls was awesome possibility for players who wanna test new combos or for newcomers, which don’t have solid rosters. After Ruby this mode will be start interesting and for veterans too – Ruby Draft give to us sneak peak new skills for heroes and maybe spend a cash for force exp farming. Because now it’s guilty pleasure for few whales and developers and we reach Ruby around next Holidays. Draft make the waitings more productive and interesting.


It was an interesting game mode for sure!!

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Totally agree! The draft had allowed to have more balanced fights where the skill & synergy on ur heroes was the one that lead you to the victory, giving more chances to be in equal matches (aware that not all the players get the new heroes quite fast as others) to the new or non-buyers players which take them more time to improve/have all the heroes full upgraded. The main problem of the event were the rewards that didn´t make big difference between brackets mostly of the top players on that event were willing to have more competitive fights careless on the rewards, so bring it back with better rewards and this will turn into a great pvp event


GANG! please share this with your alliances. only together can we convince developers that this is a truly necessary PVP regimen. each player finds his pluses in this tournament. this tournament is the best thing you’ve ever done.


The draft mode is one of the best, when my account was weak, I enjoyed this mode and tried new heroes. Return the draft, please

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The draft was fun. My one suggestion is instead of each picking 2 and then waiting, just have both pick 5 and go in blind. I hated it when i pick 2, but the opponent decide to time out and i just wasted 3 minutes.

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So, not a draft, then?

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bring it back, bring it back
don’t take it away from me…

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Do the draft still because it eleminates all the sandbaggers as everyone is either gold or plat, but dont allow each other to see the other team’s pick.

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The Draft was the only reason i was pvpin’ back in the days, with no equality gone, i refuse to go into the hatred world of regular, sandbaggin’ people in pvp. Bring Draft Back!

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Now PVP is so boring, we can’t compete in the same power, because the PVP tournament you lost (tony kill)

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I agree. Bring back draft. Ruby draft is going to be the only way I’m going to be able to play with a ruby hero.

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Draft was just a useless game mode in this game. I think kurtz should be the main issue in this game. When you face him is unplayable as the opponent just rolls with him and is so stressful to keep shooting at him. And the other 4 heroes are based around him so he gets both skills up and his dominate seems to last a lot longer then it was at the beginning. Is unplayable even when we use kurtz as all we do is roll with Kurtz when we have him on our team. Un example is kurtz flatline drake heimlock and either phalanx or keel. Basically even if you kill on of the other heroes Your whole team start being damaged and the opponent has only rolled and because he’s rolling even when you kill one of his heroes both kurtz skills are up. And you lost the game. Is just not on. And we talking about the valor draft? :slightly_smiling_face:

agree with this. this would be very helpful even for returning players who dont know the current meta. i’ve been waiting for this mode for a long time because i’m getting sick of all the sandbaggers and min-maxxers in my bracket

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you just don’t know how to play pvp. then you are not competitive. this is a classic revival of those who do not know how to use their hands for their intended purpose. when he first appeared in the game, he really was ALMOST not defeated. but now there are many heroes who make Kurtz silent and stand still the whole battle. maybe a year ago I would agree with you, but now I’m sure that you’re wrong. and ready to prove it in the game. invite me to battle, take Kurtz, and prepare for defeat. :kissing_heart:

By the way, about the Min simulator, he also bothered me a little bit. :smirk:

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Let me ask you this: would you want Draft mode, as it was, or would you rather have a PvP mode where Hero Grade, Rank, Skills, etc. are all normalized, like in Draft mode?