What Happened To Draft Brawls?

I loved this mode. Everyone was put on a level playing field with the same powered heroes. You climbed ranks if you won, and lost points if you lost a match. It was a nice change of pace as the truly good players only had to play a couple dozen matches to rank top 100.

It did not allow people with huge rosters and tons of time on their hands to place high just because they played hundreds of matches and were able to amass points, even though their win/loss ratio might have been low. It also did not let people who instantly max a new hero to have the huge 30x bonus point multiplier from them. Lastly it actually allowed players to counter each other with what heroes were picked. Elemental damage and hero make up was actually relevant since you took turns picking, rather than just randomly being placed vs a team that might be really weak or strong vs your comp without being able to do anything about it.

Of course this mode had it’s downsides. For one it took much longer to start a match when you had to go through a few draft rounds and wait for heroes to be picked. Also, there were no PVP gems awarded. All the same I would still appreciate a few PVP draft tournaments a month, how about others? Why were they removed completely? I don’t think I have seen anything mentioned on the topic.


This was the best and fairest game mode.


i agree, its been a long time since anyone brought this up i used to love that mode because you could directly counter their hero picks and that meant that sometimes you could have crazy lineups that worked well

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I really enjoyed this PvP mode as well. Would love to see it come back.


I really hope they bring it back. And it would be even better if they gave pvp gems and qwt’s as rewards.


Why is it I was thinking of the same thing today? I used to not like this event because I didn’t really know what all my hero’s gold or platinum skills were by heart, so I couldn’t utilize them. However, the last draft fight I did, I really enjoyed. It was fun and allowed you to really think how to do better next time. I wish there was another one.

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This mode was fun and it taught you how to build team lineups and how to counter certain hero’s or type strategies they were running it was a good mode

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I hated being forced to play this mode but definitly
Liked the option and think it really does level the playing field

Would be cool to have it as an alternative mode, con is I can imagine programming the draft For bots may be a bit labor intensive (unless it was random) it would be less likely to be played based on popularity.

It is the way that competitive games show who Is best though so It was nice for those who want bragging rights (not me)

Get outta here with this nonsense. Drafts are terrible. People have spent way too much time working on top notch heroes to be relegated to using lvl 60 gold heroes is stupid and painful. Thank you for not putting any out, please keep it that way.


No one was saying replace all the current PVP tournaments with the drafts. It would be nice if once or twice a month we saw the drafts though. That would still leave 5-6 “normal” PVP tournaments where you could use your heroes with however much power you have leveled them.

This way we would at least get a tournament or two where time and money spent on the game doesn’t matter, and actual skill is the one thing that determines who ranks the highest.

I also miss drafts. It was one last, fair, even matched competition. Like faction fight it created different strategy on team composition. I was always bad at draft so it gave me something to strive for. I love sandbagging and the math behind creating the perfect 5vs team. Drafts were just as fun playing balanced and helped to understand heroes abilities as “planned”.

I honestly loved drafts, it gave me an idea of how a hero performed at higher levels, especially ones I didn’t have upgraded.

They should bring those back


Yes, this was another great feature. you could put a hero on a team with other 8* platinum heroes and see how they did, or mix and match a ton of different builds without having to spend weeks or months leveling the heroes up first. It was nice to get an idea of what might work so you could focus on that team.

I also miss draft brawls. But to be in line with Munnin’s feedback on how to present feedback to developers, I’ll say that what I miss most is the ability to try out new heroes at higher levels and ranks, as well as trying out combos. My roster is all platinum now so I wouldn’t use it as much but as a newer player I loved that ability. With ruby ranks entering the mix it would be really fun to have a way to try out various combos of ruby heroes.

Ruby draft never crossed my mind, but sounds AWESOME! Would definitely change the way some hero’s like 4-cep are currently being used. I haven’t really even looked at what most heroes are for ruby because most likely I will never get a hero to ruby. A ruby draft would definitely make me care about ruby skills, great idea.

As far as I can tell the ruby skill is determined by position on the battlefield - front line is tank, mid is damage, rear is support

Right, and they all do the same thing bsed on the type, they just give different amounts. For instance Odachi’s Doing Damage ruby ability gives him 6,416 bio damage and 30% bronze skill charge bonus, while Kunoichi’s gives 6,912 mech damage and 30% skill charge.