Less 3vs3 brawl more draft

Title says it all. 3vs3 is what it is but can we see more platinum draft? New players get a glimpse of what their heroes can do one day and long time players can see if they truly want to invest in a hero. Plus, the equalization of heroes stops the Min max issue temporarily. Plus!!! It’s fun to try and guess who your opponent will add next. A bit of chess, too!


I’d like to see a Ruby Draft so I can be Marine for a day.


It would mean less rewards and lower opportunities to get 3v3 Faction Fights portraits. I’m fine with it but a lot would not want that.

Drafts do not have higher rewards because a good player could possibly be on a winning streak and reach high points with so little time/matches played, but get so much in rewards. Mobile games generally reward time invested and skill.

With all heroes equalized it would take everyone the same amount of time to get points, no?

As far as rewards, they child still make brackets vs everyone in one big pool.

Rewards aside, draft is a lot of fun. 3vs3 rewards are usually so minimal, I win a round or 2 to get minimal rewards and forget about it.

I have to agree, also a ruby set would be cool to, but yes it helps me in general to see what hero is still good

What if we have some pvp tournaments like Energy battle / Mech / Bio chem battles . In this only element heroes can be used like energy, mech and bio chem. This can be a one day tournament which can help on that one day before bounty , between 2 successive PVP tournament and even when Faction fight is going on .
P.S. I hate the 3 day long format of faction fight

i’d also want to play more draft matches… But, if gonna be happen in platinum them, some heroes(kurtz)must be banned or make this on gold/silver/bronze to literary see who gotta really good knowledge of each&every hero in this game

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