New Hero Concept: Wren - Master Falconer

New Hero Concept: Wren - Master Falconer (3 Star Hero)

Element: Energy
Faction: Mercenary
Position: Midline

HP: 3/5
Armor: 3/5
Damage: 4/5
Skills: 4/5

As a Mercenary, Wren is always looking for any job to bring in the cash. He will take nearly any job. The only rule he follows … is NO jobs from Kurtz. He tries his best to avoid attention, but things don’t always go as planned, and one can only stay neutral for so long.



Weapon: The Watcher (Single Pistol)

Shooting Rate: 4.33

Ammunition Capacity: 25

Recharge Time: 1.75 seconds

Damage: Medium

Bronze Ability:


  • Thunder sends out a loud Screech stunning all enemy players for 5 seconds, and dealing x Damage.

Silver Ability:


  • Thunder charges at a target dealing x Damage, and stunning the target for 7 seconds.

Gold Ability:


  • When a target is killed by Charge, he gains x Health and a bonus 5% Critical Chance to his weapon. All allied heroes gain a 5% faster Weapon Reload Time.

Platinum Ability:

Double Down

  • When “Screech” is activated, each target gains a charge of Double Down, lasting for 20 seconds.

  • If a target has a charge of Double Down, and Charge is used upon them, Charge will deal double the damage.


Very good concept! I like the idea of a falconer being used in HH, since no hero has a bird. I especially like the Gold skill and the skill icons!

A few recommendations I would have is that the second bullet point under the bronze skill would belong under the Platinum skill, since the enemy wouldn’t gain any charges of Double Down at Bronze (if that makes sense).

Good work!

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Looks great hope they do it

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That was the one thing I wasn’t really sure about. Thanks for the advice!

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This looks great jado! Love the Skill icons. havent seen those in a lil bit