Reworked Hero Concept: Willhem - The Bad

Element: Mechanic
Faction: Mercenary

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 3/5

I’ve cheated on death before.
Danger is not my middle name, but I’m very close to it…

Bounty Hunter - DPS - Master Gunsmith
a droid with human recollections.
The memories of past life have turned this robot into a perfect headhunter.


Bronze: Dead-eye - marks the heads of 6 enemies in the field and then shoot in rapid succession with 50% to miss the target

  • every shot you hit increases the damage to XXX’s weapon.
  • If there are more than six enemies, the unmarked enemies reload the skill by 10%.
  • the effects are accumulable

Silver: Fire Rain - increases the rate of fire and the speed of reload of the weapon for 6 seconds.

  • headshots set the enemy on fire.
  • Critical hits cause explosive damage in a small area.

Gold: Easy Target -the enemy targeted by the hero suffers “Bounty”.
The enemy suffers 50% reduction in speed, 50% reduction in normal and elemental armor, half health, and 30% reduction in damage.

Platinum: Don’t Even Try - when the enemy marked with Bounty uses a skill, the hero counterattacks immediately by firing a blinding bullet cancelling its activation, plus the blinding bullet causes stunning for 1 second, disorientation and silence for 3 seconds.

Appearance: is a drone that simulates a man’s appearance.
He wears a long brown jacket, brown pants and cowboy boots.

Weapon: "Bonnie" is a Long-Barreled Revolver rifle with six bullets.

shooting rate: 1.6 Like Clyde
ammunition capacity: 6
recharge time: 3 seconds
damage: High

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Imo there is no need for the “if the enemy suffered from bounty” in plat skill since "bounty is triggered by targeting an enemy, and he can’t kill an enemies without targeting them.

Oops i almost forgot he’s an Erron Black like.