New hero concept “Wilhelm”

Wilhelm B. Chesterfield is an Englishman and the father to Françoise. The hunter drone Chesterfield was model after his escapades. He has extensive knowledge of hunting, trapping, and poisons from his adventures. His poisons are a nightmare for healers and can prevent an enemy from being resurrected.

Element: bio-chem
Position: mid-line
Weapon: modified carbine dart gun
Ammo: 5 round clip

Bronze skill: (Swarm) Wilhelm throws a vial of pheromones at target that summons a swarm flying insects for 15 seconds. Damage is bio-chem (counts a poison) and is dealt each second while also reducing maximum health for the duration. The swarm has 10% chance each second to jump to one additional target.

Silver skill: (Punji Trap) Being an excellent bushmen allows Wilhelm to go invisible for 3 seconds while setting up his trap. The trap will activate after 2 seconds and will persist for 20 seconds. If an enemy sets off the trap they will instantly receive normal damage and receive a Septic debuff for 10 seconds.
While under the effect of Septic if the enemy is receives a heal or self heal. Septic debuff will cause the heal to be rejected in addition both healer and host suffer bio-chem (counts as poison) damage over 10 seconds.

Gold Skill: (Hide and Seek) Wilhelm has mastered the art of subtlety and will go invisible while reloading. He remains hidden until his next shot which will have a 30% increase chance of being critical. If the shot is critical then the enemy will suffer bio-chem (counts as a poison) damage over 5 seconds.

Platinum skill: (Outbreak) Swarm skill has 25% chance of spreading to all enemies instead of one in addition any enemy that dies under the affect of Wilhelm’s poisons can not be revived.


We need a hero like this


Hmmm a good concept but invisible while reloading, would need a timer so people don’t just spam reload after every shot. A good idea though, although the gold maybe a little overpowered. 3 chances of events occurring is a bit much haha. I would say the invisible whilst reloading would be OP by itself maybe similar to how mandrake does massive damage when he shoots after he goes invisible as well, a similar crit damage chance.

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They can also add that he will lose invi if he’s damaged, or it can only work if he reloaded while he has less than a specific amount of bullets.

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Agreed. Maybe while reloading, a certain % of damage is reflected back to the attacker(s) as normal damage, or maybe, he could gain a percentage of the health that’s taken while reloading (up to a certain number of health per the duration). That’d make him more viable too, as self-healing is another skill to add to his arsenal, even if it’s slight. Or, it could be converted to a personal shield; there’s alotta different ideas you could use tbh.

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