Riot: Underdog

Riot: Underdog
Midline-Line Bio-Chem
Average Health
High Defense

Shot Gun: Uprising
Fire Rate: 1 shot every second
Damage per pellet: low
Pellet Count: 6
Clip Size: 6
Reload Speed: 2 shells every second

A Magistrate Rookie who got in because no one else applied. He is easily provoked and gets more fired up when facing stronger opponents. Suprisingly sturdy and very determined to make up for his lapse in experience and strength. Its kinda inspiring.

[Riot Shield] Bronze
Taunt and gain a shield that gets stronger with each living enemy on the field. Only absorbs 90% of damage, but has a 5% chance to ignore damage. Doesnt account for invisible enemies.

[Gas Leak] Silver
Throw a small grenade that explodes into multiple little gas clouds on contact. Clouds deal little bio damage per second, but slowly float around and disorient anyone caught in them. Dissipates after 10 seconds.

[Grudge] Gold
Whenever this hero gets a shield broken, he gains a medium attack boost. Stacks up to 5 times, but deplete all charges when an enemy hero dies.

Each time a Melee attack (ie. Bull Rush) is used on Riot while he has a shield up, he takes no damage, and counters by shield bashing them, dealing damage equal to the agressors attack, plus 75% of his shields current health, but destroying it in the process.

[Resolve] Platinum
Gain a charge of [Resolve] for each enemy with higher hp than him. Each charge grants bonus attack and 5% faster skill charge speed. Stacks up to 7 times.

Resolve can be inherited. Whenever a hero with resolve dies, pass all but one of its charges to the ally with highest health.

Honestly this was in the draft for a while, but it kinda feels cheap releasing this idea right after someone else posted a Riot Shield based hero. I got inspired by looking at salvadors design and realizing it said “swat” on his chestplate and i looked towards more tools they would use. Naturally, i drifted towards the “oh hey they use shields against protesters” deal and tried to base it off that. His skills Resolve and Grudge are more of his own character traits than anything.