RONIN platinum skill bug

This is Ronin’s platinum skill .

This is my Ronin’s health at 10* level 90 plat+4

This is hemlock health at level 90 platinum

This is Hemlock gold skill at level 77 , giving a health of 110k

Now accotding to this Hemlock must get a buff from Ronin platinum skill but in PvP this is not happening

See here Ronin has initially buff of honourbound from 3 heroes rather than 4

Now if Someone says that according to Ronin platinum skill , extra health will come only to those whose max health is less than Ronin and in this case using hemlock gold skill hemlock health will go above 700k but at the same time Ronin will also get buff from Hemlock gold skill . Now if this is a bug or technical issue , I wish DEVS to see this and fix this ASAP.

Anyone knows why this is happening?

The calculation is done at the beginning of the match, before any bonuses from skills and skins are applied. That’s when Honorbound activates.

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Sandbagging with ronin but still complaining. You make pvp matches horrible.

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Don’t make me tap the sign. Be cool.


Yes @Muninn according to you the buff of Ronin must be added to Hemlock but it doesn’t . I hope it’s a bug and need to be sorted out

I’ll pass the feedback along. Thanks.

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