Ronin's Honorbound skill

Let me start off this is not a complaint on Ronin’s plat as he is no longer a threat …LOL

Just noticed that Ronin’s plat skill counted an allies skill ( Hivemind’s Bronze and Gold) as another hero in the fight. I was running a Coop raid and his plat was buffed by 5 heroes, granted all the actual heroes had way more health than Ronin . It was clearly counting Hivemind’s bots, I have not tested on Halloway , Striker or Xianjiu to confirm them as well. Not sure if this was intended just found it interesting

It works with every hero & their drones/copies present in the field.

I rarely used ronin with hive & halloway… (don’t have striker) but, it works with their drones & hologram respectively.

So, in coops like in bio gorgon…ronin+hive makes a huge buff in ronin’s dps

Ofcourse it does, same as wesson his platinum on hiveminds drones, makes them more fun to use right? Not gamebreaking on pvp or anything…