Rotating pvp store heroes - I Love it!

There is so much hate on here for the last updates change to the gauntlet and pvp store I thought the devs might like to hear some positive feedback.

My first reaction was anger and frustration, DeytookmyHeronium. But after having it rotating all month, I really like it now. There was only ever 2-3 heroes in the pvp store that i would want to get frags for anyway. Now I buy frags for 5-6 heroes at a time and if there isn’t anyone I like, then you can just reset and try your luck again.

Sure it’s made it harder to farm heronium, but heronium was only ever meant as a consolation prize for getting extra 10 star hero frags. Some of ya’ll are forgetting when we used to get nothing for 10 star hero frags.

It’s also helped add some balance to the game because it’s harder to pump up a single hero so easily and for the stronger players to just keep getting stronger and bottleneck into meta teams.

I’ve got 850k team power and played for 480 days so have some experience with this game for a while and I can honestly say…good work, please ignore the hate and I hope the pvp store stays like this moving forward.

That being said…gauntlet store rotating sucks!


I think the Gauntlet store rotation could be great if we were offered 3 purchases per hero each rotation instead of 1.


I find it well also finally

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I love it as well great job… more frags for different heroes instead of waiting a month for new heroes in the stores… Great job!!!

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I was pretty indifferent initially as it didnt really affect me. But its sort of grown on me. I like it more now

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Real easy to get herionum now just by resetting please keep it the way it is

I agree. And it would be better if instead of 5 per purchase, its 10.

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