Feedback to HHG about the things that need to be addressed

I wrote the below in a reply to a post, but perhaps it could do with more visibility than being hidden in an alliance tournament idea.

In my view, while some new content is nice, I think there are fundamental issues about the game that need some priority from HHG and these are the ones at the top of my head.

My appeal to the developers is to fix these broken things and let us have back a decent game to play.


  • PVP matches take too long and are uninteresting
  • Still no change to the list of viable heroes. Core group of good heroes still remains the same.
  • Endless revives are possible now [FIXED]
  • Too much healing
  • PVP rewards are not commensurate with the time spent
  • Mix-maxers are getting away with murder and prey on low/mid-level players

Coop raids and Solo Raids

  • Enough Gorgon already.
  • We need more canisters from Solo raids, or reduce the reset cost by 25%-33%.


  • Too many stores and currencies.
  • Black market is ridiculous, why even have it??
  • PVP store: PVP gem income has drastically decreased across the board. If you don’t want to give more PVP gems per victory, consider reducing PVP store reset cost by half, or alternatively increasing available fragment purchases by x2 or x3. Eg 5 Mandrake frags @ 500 PVP gems but available for purchase 3x before reset kicks in. This will be really important for low and mid-level players to not have to spend precious pvp gems to reset the store to buy fragments. Existing high level players won’t have an issue because they are gated by the Heronium store anyway so it is a win-win for EVERYONE.
  • Gated access to Heronium and therefore skins to those without 10 stars; very unfair. Cannot use gold or bucks to buy Heronium. [Edit: this is a debated point with differences of opinions so I’ve moved it down the list]


  • No complaints from me regarding campaign - reducing the requirements for normal mode was a welcome move for many players.
  • Consider the reset limit for Hard Mode for frag farming - why 3 only? It is too little because you cannot make reasonable progress towards 10*. Hence if you are a player that does not PVP much you have absolutely NO alternative pathway for progress in the game. Suggest incremental increase to 5 frags per Hard mission.


  • Bounties have become stale and the effort needed is not commensurate with the rewards.
  • Increase rank rewards throughout the range and especially the top 25 ranking. I mean… 25 more Universal Frags between rank 25 and 26? Respectfully… do you think the players in the top 25 alliances are short of Heronium to buy 25 Universal Frags (5000 Heronium)? They can buy it anytime. Yet, they are spending hours grinding bounties, give them something better please.
  • Consider increasing milestone rewards… really, 16 elemental frags for tier 1 milestone??


  • Good job putting Maven and Flatline as farmable Gauntlet heroes.
  • Additional request: please replace the last map of Sector 4 and 5 (the one with the multiple pillars). No line of sight and very annoying to play or even watch (even on auto… such a messy map it truly sucks. There are surely tons of better and more well laid out maps to choose from).


  • Increase the number of friends
  • Perma ban VIP chat abusers who incessantly advertise for carries and/or to join their alliances; create a separate solicitation channel for these guys.
  • Fix, one and for all, gold scammers on Global Chat.

Items and Crafting

  • Please look into item drop rates.
  • Reduce Hero XP drops from Campaign or remove it from PVP Crates completely. One or the other. No one needs more Hero XP and if they really do they are available for purchase in 4 out of 5 stores. The only people who might need Hero XP are super high end players and guess what… they are undoubtedly flush with Heronium and can buy Hero XP from that store. Equalises the picture for all.
  • Please reconsider crafting cost. Crafting cost is presently too high for the choke-point items.

I do like a lot of your points, but I would like to touch on a few!

I’m going to be short on PvP because it is a complicated topic. Personally, I’d much rather have longer PvP matches then how it used to be during baron/halo times. Matches that only last 30 seconds where two of your heroes are dead withing the first 5 is not a fun experience either. Everyone does have to keep in mind this is the first week of the patch that they introduced a pretty big overhaul of how PvP plays, the biggest one they have made since the global launch. It’s expected that the playerbase finds the flaws so they can go back in and fix them for future patches!

As for the stores. completely agree with your last point. I think additional gems should be giving upon a win. Don’t really agree with your Heronium point because its suppose to be an end game currency, A reward for players who have actively stuck around and grinding to the point where they got a 10* hero. It’s one of the best additions to the game for players who had been playing for some time and were just getting their first 10* hero, it allowed them to work on whoever they wanted. We have 9 PvP tournaments this month with a reward of 300 skin tokens for just getting to division 1. That’s 13 of the 20 available skins so your claim that there’s no access to skins is completely false.

I love all your points the rest of the way and I think the echo a bunch of players thoughts.


Well from the August Balance Patch update from developers… they have promised that they see every post so I take it that they’ve seen this post.

I’ve edited the original post to indicate that there is no more endless revive loop… that is good.

But, there are still lots of problems to fix. HHG, kindly give these some priority.

@Benched… thanks for your points. Thanks also for the Crafting Item Guide, it is what enabled me to plat up Ifrit and other heroes pretty fast.

I agree with almost all your points.

The black market is a complete and utter joke. New players don’t have that kind of gold to spend on anything they would need, and older players don’t need most of the rewards. For instance why would anyone buy 5 silver xp for 85 gold? 10 QW tickets for 40 gold? Was there a mistake here and it was supposed to be 40 tickets for 10 gold?

Or what about the 750 gold for 30 hero fragments? That’s 25 gold per frag. Most crates give a ratio of around 5-10 gold per hero frag. Granted you don’t know what you are getting, but that’s also worse case for the amount of hero frags. If you get best case it’s closer to 1.5 gold/per frag ratio.

As per the crafting items, I don’t get this at all. I am constantly waiting for bronze canisters, for example, to complete a craft. Meanwhile I am sitting with literally hundreds or thousands of the gold and platinum versions.


Guys thanks for your input. I’m just bumping this thread up to get it a bit more visibility.

Also, it would be great if any readers out there could indicate which ideas that are in the original post really resonate with them and they would like to see implemented, so that perhaps HHG (if they are reading) can take indication from the community.

That could be more helpful than pointing out the points in my post which you might disagree with… cos I can’t speak for every single one of you out there but getting a common consensus on major things could be helpful to paint the correct picture for HHG.

So I agree on most things. I do like the length of pvp matches as now you at least got a change to turn over a game not just getting killed the first seconds of the match.I agree with Benched on heronium, you really don’t get out so much more use out of it as you can get skin tokens in tournaments.

What I’ll be focusing on in this reply is the Black Market and why it needs to change.
So the black market is the oldest shop and it haven’t really been update with all the new changes that have happens in this game. Here is some examples:

This is a conversation I had with Champ aka Miss Goddess way back in October 2017. This was right when we had a huge change in how much frags were worth. So before I updated the game I got a 5*(I think) Phoenix for 720 gold.


Now you can’t even unlock a hero for 750 gold, you only get 30 frags!
Also in this second picture you can also see an other remain of when the gold+ tiers where “locked” by you not being able to farm certain items. The golden shoulder pads fragments you couldn’t find as those missions weren’t available yet and therefor they cost a lot of bucks. The golden knife you could farm and as you can see they’re much more reasonable priced today.

TLDR: I think the whole Black Market should get new pricing.

They should just remove the Frags. You can get them at a better value in the other shops.
The other prices need to be adjusted. I had 3 sliver stars for 30 gold today. That is just insane. May do 10 Platinum Items for 30 gold, there are enough out there who would do that deal.

The “trade for bucks at the exchange” daily quest also needs to be adjusted. Does anyone actually spend 10 gold for a measly 65k cash and 10 stamina? Seems like it should be at least 250k cash with up to a 5x modifier.

I do, daily. Getting a x3 on the bucks ain’t uncommon. Once I got x10 three days straight.

You must be lucky then, because I have rarely gotten the 10x modifier. I use to do this quest all the time, and do it when they increase the level cap for the xp. I can only recall getting the 10x once or twice? Even then it’s only 650k cash.

I also think the Gorgon co-op raid needs to be changed. If they insist on keeping that same raid, at least make it only have 1 reset and roll all the rewards into it? Doing GW 3x, then 3 more if you trade is just boring beyond belief. You can’t even auto since the AI targets the arms and such.

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You can auto it. It just takes a minute longer for Gorgon to explode.
Been autoing Gorgon since day 1.

Right, but what is the point in having there be 3 resets with smaller rewards spread out between them? Why not just make it have a single reset and combine all the rewards into 1? This same raid has been up forever and I think most people got sick of it LONG ago, especially since you are doing it 6x a day.

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I hate gorgon, I hate the invite, 10 seconds is already to much, sorry, if there’s 1 thing I hate more than min maxing or ifrit nerf talk it’s gorgon

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And I had made a suggestion in the discord server about revamping the Gorgon fights. Fighting a bigger robot like you do in some of the main story missions. I just let Gorgon run on auto at this point. Quick wins but simple fights

Haha yeah give that bot about 3 more weapon mechanics, up his situational damage and health to match plat health and every 45 sec a hero stun based squad shows up so the bot has fun times landing all their abilities!

Also one of his abilities totally should be spawning little galantes.