Update feedback

I like the new update where only a few heros are locked rest reset allows player to unlock heros easier or upgrade others than fixed heros all the time. Like the added daily rewards for alliance wars aswell all in all found updated buggy but like the direction


Are you understand what you may buy elemental fragments for heronium and buff ANY hero much more quick and guarantee than bless on random and HOPE what you got needed hero during store refresh?

With old system you may reach 10* and heronium with short terms. With new system all this needed mounth an mounth.


I am really disappointed with this new update. I have spent over $460 on this game and I now know I will never spend another dollar. The gauntlet store change is terrible. It makes my vip level where I can do two gauntlet runs a day now worthless. Please change it back to the old system. You may think you will get more money or made the gameplay better but you won’t and didn’t. I can no longer focus any of the heroes I want now with this new change. As long as the gauntlet store is like this I won’t spend another dollar and I know many others who won’t as well. I hope you take this seriously because while talking with the community most people agree with me and more are converting to not giving you another dollar.


You are forgetting about the old players who spend all the money. We want the old gauntlet store back.


I’m also an old player / payer. I don’t see this change as a reson to stop paying but I am not in 100% favour of the change either.
I mean, to have Kobold in the Gauntlet Store during April was great since I could farm Heronium from her. But there has been months where I couldn’t farm from any of the featured heroes in the store. During those months I would have preferred “the new” store system where I could restock and hoped for some of my 10 starts to show up.

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Herb store is great if you have unlocked the hero but new players struggle to get frags for heros now they can unlock them. I thought I had another couple of months with matador farming herb but now I don’t. Instead I’ve had other heros pop up for some herb and I’ve gained frags in much needed others.
It’s nice to put frags where you want for bonus heros new heros etc but this update should help new players unlock heros. Maybe even help me unlock odd ones I don’t have.
Maybe I’m not looking at what benefits me but other new gamers more but 5 frags random hero will pay off all the same sooner or later

I do hope atleast one locked hero remains a bonus hero at least in pvp and gauntlet store thou :wink:

There is nothing set in stone to speak anymore. The one they have is only 3 weds and that is not enough time to even get him to 9 star. I spend a ton of time daily in the game but this update has really turned me off. I have heroes I love and now I can’t get their frags because the gantlet store is randomized. I will not spend hundreds of days and thousands of random chances hoping to get the heroes I want. It is a waste of time now. The players who pay money already have most of the heroes unlocked. I was using the heronium to help out my favorite heroes.


With the chance thing we will not get what we need. Read my other comment down below. I thought I replied to yours. But now it is all chance instead of farming what we would actually want. The time is alsonway lower.

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Players used to complain about same heros being used then min maxing now we have chance to level up rarely used heros along with much updated heros. In using combos I’d never have used before.

Some of the reason for this is that we all found it easier to level some heros than others

To make it far you don’t want to level all your heroes. You should have a team of 5 that you focus all of your resources in so you can get further in the campaign. Soreadingnit aroidn will not help in pvp or pushing through campaign

Its detrimental to actually boosting any 1 hero consistently. They are obviously trying to make Heronium harder than it already is. Heronium farming is still the most viable way to boost your characters.

This only helps unlock some 5 star heroes. But most people with average luck and some dedication to get free gold to roll some crates should be able to get 50 plus heroes of the 60 ish right now. 7 stars will never be in the pvp or gauntlet so this only helps the few who are behind most of their peers in the same account age who dont open enough crates, super unlucky or just like to get ALL their characters up at the same time (really bad strategy).

The rest of us who are more focused are able to get some Heronium grinding down and boost whoever we want. HH doesnt like that apparently and wants to make it harder.

Below average players (due to being new or just suboptimal) who obviously dont have a 10 star and dont get that strategy might think it’s a good thing for players with all the flashy new heroes popping out every reset. But it’s not.

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One of the few times I can’t complain.

But keep in mind I’m above a million power, have almost every hero at 10* and are close to vip 14, but stopped spending lately.

Yep my point any high level with lots of 10* this make no real change I have 7 or so 10* with loads of 9* so having to wait to get frags from bonus events or the next update to help me get few frags to 10* I’m ok with have to 6 stars that I just cant get frags for without using heronium but that I try to save for few 7* heros I dont have to or to level the new hero with. Which is what I think is the problem now they won’t be able to max out the new hero as easily

Agree I have a team of 15 heros I’ve worked on for campaigns 5 of each element levelling as I got stuck on a campaign I then have a few teams for pvp that I keep close to eachother for pvp. I dont min max as many do most of my heros very close in power to eachother.

I 10% agree with you SSS. They are taking away the most efficient way to grind heroes. I really hope they change this back soon. I don’t have a lot of 10 stars, only 3 currently but I am so close to having two more. This has made it so much harder because i cannot grind the same hero to level up any other hero who I really like.

Think players are forgetting why Heronium was introduced to the game… So players with 10* Heros got equal reward as those without!!! The players who have been playing game by oh leveling heros as they can as we now do again unless you roll a 10* hero you can grab some heronium instead and level up a hero of your choice. If anything HH has gone back to the old system of players leveling in line with events etc.

There just seems to be a lot of people who don’t like it. It feels like all the grinding I did was for nothing now.

Some people always want the easy way this update restore the grind some what

Its probably cuz everyone was just grinding a single character to 10 star instead of spreading their frags around evenly.

In a sense, it is sort of creating the min maxing problem

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Yep and they most likely the ones complaining that team we fight in pvp always the same or HH nerf one of their favors chars and now can’t counter …