Ruby Bounties!

Hello all!

Bounties is one of my very favorite events about this entire game. Not just for me, but its the one event that my Alliance really gets involved with and have a lot of fun doing!

There are two suggestions I’d like to propose…


I would like to suggest the notion of adding Ruby Heros as Bounties for us to hunt!


I’d like to see another level of milestones. Maybe 350k, and for the rewards have a Core V and a Core VI !

What y’all think about it???

Thanks for reading,



Like the sound of those rewards, has the damage done to bounties dropped in general since the introduction of ruby?


Imagine there will be ruby sapphyre as bounty & I used bio bonus(maybe due to lack of bonuses).

Idea is great for ruby players but, players like me who have a few plats,lots of golds/silvers/bronze & greenies for my KURTZ will get slaughtered in 1st wave by those ruby bounties.

So, if in future this will be implemented then,I’ll love to see 1 more change like…player should get bounties according to their team level or power bracket during summoning of bounties.


I personally find the idea of ​​ruby ​​bonuses brilliant 80% of the top alliances of the game we have at least 5 to 10 ruby ​​players and that would be really good … For the recommendations I have nothing to say but for the ruby ​​bonuses we can have more fun if you are in low power, let the others of the alliance bring it down because in the end, it is a collective event not individual!


I think its a great idea. And we need new tiers asap. Like 500K, 750k, 1M… to get some fun


ABSOLUTELY!! Collective TEAM Effort! Thats why We have so much fun with bounties!! Doesn’t matter how much you can can contribute due to a lower power level, cause as you said, the Big Hitters will compensate!!

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Now we’re talking!!!

that said, we are here in the end to have a good time and have fun as long as we can on this game that finds magnificent … I WOULD JUST LIKE TO ADD SINCE 2 YEARS WE HAVE THE SAME DIFFICULTIES IN HELIOS AND GORGON THING THAT NOW IT’S MUCH TOO SIMPLE! DEVELOPERS CAN MAKE GORGON AND HELIOS COMPLICATED SO THAT WE CAN HAVE MORE FUN

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They could make it where lower power players wouldn’t be able to spawn rubies. Or just lower power alliances in general lol

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Please no. Bonuses won’t save you against a ruby serial bounty.

I don’t think ruby ​​bounties affect low level players at all, since they started playing they have always faced high level bounties. They should only be in alliances according to their level …

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Ruby Bounties have been suggested before. I’ll pass the feedback along. Thanks!



Thanks Muninn!!

To be clear: I’m not guaranteeing they’ll happen. And given how hard they would be, this is more of a Monkey’s Paw situation.


I love these ideas and would support them. I don’t think it’s a matter of IF Ruby bounties will be added, but more of when. As more and more people reach 95 (and 100) we’ll likely see this added to the game.

What I would like to suggest for bounties is this:

Boss Battles. Imagine after every milestone a boss battle was unlocked for a limited time. You and your alliance have to collectively defeat the boss for bonus points. Give the boss like 100million health (which would scale up to say 1billion at top milestone) and require at least 2-3+ alliance members to attack the boss.

I think this would add a little extra flare to Bounties and give alliances a chance to collectively farm together. What do y’all think?


It sounds like fun now, but I remember the rage from players who were no longer able to beat a Bounty in one run. I worry the same thing will happen again, as well as prize complaints.

Will pass the feedback along, but can’t promise anything. Thanks!


:monkey: Monkey’s Paw! LoL!! Been a while since I heard that phrase.
Yea, I get what you’re saying. I’m sure they will eventually add Ruby heros to hunt in bounties, and I’ll be here to hunt them down!:wink:

I like the sound of this totally here for it


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You guys are all going to be sorely disappointed when you will have a full bounty roster of ruby bounties and the majority of you won’t be able to destroy them fast enough to keep up with alliances around your ranking…