Ruby equipment needed to upgrade

What are the ruby equipment required to upgrade from plat 6+ to ruby? This is obviously a bit different for each hero. Has anyone put together a list somewhere? Good to start preparing the ruby equipment to get things ready to go ruby.

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Ya, that’s a big defferent from plat 6+ to ruby. I’m still stuck at 1-8 extreme campaign for the last item to ruby. All items u need to ruby are at 1-1 to 1-8 extreme. I try alot of team to do 1-8 but can’t finish. I need an advice to. Thanks!


I would highly suggest checking out this guide I made a while back


This is also not true at all, all the items you need to ruby are not on 1-1 to 1-8 they are spread throughout 1-1 to 3-10, please read the guide posted you will understand better :slight_smile:

Thank you Gale. I read your post before, it’s great!

But if I want to upgrade Siren to ruby from plat 6, what re the ruby gears I need? I assume this would be different if I’m upgrading Serial.

Just need to plan ahead.

Thanks you! Forgot that i just upgrade on Serial and not other heroes.

I’m unable to get pass 1-8 extreme, so can’t farm any ruby throwing knives. Are these needed to upgrade Siren and Serial to Ruby?

Me too and its need for Serial upgrade as i know.

Every hero requires different gear to upgrade to ruby so it is impossible to know what a hero needs unless someone has a screenshot of the hero at platinum+6. My recommendation is to have a look at the gear I have posted in my guide above and check to see how much of each type you have. You require 14 pieces of ruby gear to craft a piece, the same as platinum so make sure you have say 14 or 28 of each gear and you will be set. This is easy to do if you are farming extreme to reach level 95 anyway.

I was worried about all of these things but honestly the Ruby pieces are easy to get compared to the MK cores. I would worry about getting more hero’s to platinum 6 then by that time you will pass 1-8. I can post what I used to pass it as well but either use a team focused on mandrake surviving while invisible or make a team focused on killing chesterfield.

I used lancer to kill chesterfield then switched to mandrake and went invisible till the match was over.


Agreed on the ruby gear being not hard to obtain, but the daily limit on District 1 and 2 can be a pain, as quoted in my guide. I would recommend on farming ruby stars and ruby grenades daily as you require 14 of each for EVERY hero you want to ruby, the first 2 gear slots always require these items and the 3rd requires the ruby core. The last 2 gear slots are what require the random ruby gear, also remember that some ruby gear also requires the platinum equal to upgrade where some do not. I don’t have a full list of what does and does not need the plat item as well sadly.

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Are Ruby Core MK1 frags farmable in extreme mode yet? And are they required to get from +6 Plat to Ruby? I’ve been trying to farm them from events whenever available, but only have 10 at the moment. I’m about 2-3 weeks away from lvl95.

Thank you! I’ll try that!

You can’t farm any Mk cores currently, they are only available through events

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I tell people this and they don’t want to hear it lol

You need a good strong chem hero to take out Chesterfield, then surviving is not an issue. I used Lancer at plat+6.

My dilemma is I want to collect ruby gear but also keep adding bars to my toons. So which should I do? Any advice?

I’m ready to ruby at least 4, maybe 5 toons and I’m a little over 1/2 way to Level 95. I’ll just keep grinding away at both I guess.

If you have the heroes you want to ruby at platinum+5 already then I would focus your attention on getting to extreme district 3. If you are stuck on a mission then feel free to ask me, I know all the teams that can be used to reach district 4.

Once you reach extreme district 3 which you can very easily do in a day if you have the correct heroes, you will find each mission costs 20 energy and gives 60xp and can be QW as many times as you want with no daily limit.

Regardless of what you choose to do, you will need to reach district 3 in order to collect the gear needed to go from platinum+6 to ruby. So my advise is get there now and farm the gear while gaining the XP you need to reach 95.

Thanks Gale. I’m currently stuck on Extreme 1-8 but I haven’t tried to take on that level in about 2-3 weeks. My game name is the same as my forum name; Alliance is PROTF… if you wanted to take a look at my team makeup and power. :+1::blush:

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