Question from every hunter level 100 👇🏻

I wonder when it will be available since you can already put ruby ​​5 but it doesn’t have this element (when available when ???)

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just for me to understand if I kill for heroes ruby ​​4 to hear that I have to settle for ruby ​​4 until the item is released because HH wants ??? honestly if that’s what it means to release the rest of the items you need for ruby ​​5 ??? I do not know the others but it leaves me a false hope kkkkk I have heroes to possible tubi 5 and I can’t because HH has no item available there we got stuck in the extreme map 5 because this map lives up to its name kkkk how crazy … it is??? remembering it is not an attack but a question the DEVS DO NOT NEED TO ANSWER IF IT DOESN’T WANT