Savage and the matchmaking abuse

Hi Dev-Team,

my first Topic and unfortunaly a complaint.
This happend now every single day, that i matched against a Gold3 Savage, with a standard Gold team behind to drop the overall might. Savage hit his Ultimate between few seconds, after the matchup starts, no interrupt is ready there. His damage kill nearly the entire Team by himself.
To Fix matchmaking abuse, you could use not only the overall power, the hidden win:loss stat too, just to be discussed.

I´m so sick of that, thats not fun at all. We all have to spend very much time to be successful in this game, but i have my doubt to continue this game if this will be not fixed soon.


@Glowy, thanks for your suggestion. We are constantly making tweaks and adjustments to our PvP matchmaking systems. We want PvP to be a fun experience for everyone and creating a healthy balance of match difficulty is something we strive to achieve.

Please don’t nerf savage, he’s good at low level pvp but later he’s outshined by many. But maybe a few counters for other heroes for interruption are a good idea.

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I think the matchmaking should also consider about the stars and the level of heroes.

Furthermore the AI should be better as I can’t control other heroes what to do simultaneously but AI has its full control to aim at my lowest HP hero / highest DPS hero. All of us know that it is useless to hit different heroes at the same time.

Although I can switch the hero, but the skills are always used by computer at the wrong time.

Yes, Savage isn’t the issue. It’s a problem of one crazy leveled and geared toon teamed up with 4 low powered toons to give an overall team level that isn’t very high but is impossible to beat with a normal team.


Ya, he has lots of counters, so don’t nerf him

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He needs his bronze skill toned down a bit. It needs to happen.

Sometime stills needs to be done. Maybe make a higher CD on his “I’ll just ____ everybody with my gun” skill.
No matter what ppl say, he IS overpowered compared to almost every other hero.

I have a feeling that both him and Mandrake, are actually being looked at right now. Along with any “sandbagging”.

I wouldn’t want anyone to get nerfed, but at least re-balanced. Or have characters that are underperforming get a redo, like Baron for instance.

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Halos electric needs a nerf just on how it blinds the user I have my settings graphics turned all the way down but still when I go up against a platinum Halo I get blasted by electric shots that literally I can’t even see any of the hero’s and am forced to put it on auto then I loose the match I pay way to much money on this game to have hero ruin the PVP experience for me please change this

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