Serious Custom Create Problem/Bug?

In regards of the custom create, I’ve been subscribed ever since it came out. My reason for being subscribed so long is to get the hero “BROGAN”. As the months went on I’ve managed to get my “Grandprize” up to 1.80% chance to drop. To my discovery of my weekly open I noticed that my 1.80% drop rate stayed at 1.80%. This is the first time it didn’t go up. So is there a hard cap for specific tiers? If it doesn’t go up next week I’m definitely canceling my subscription.

Any information on the matter would definitely be helpful. Happy Hunting Heros!!!

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Good information! I am close to 1.80% and will keep watching the odds.
My grand prize is Artemis.

Hmm, I’m at 2.16% (I new selected Francoise last time)


Mine stayed at 1.8. My grand is prophet. I finally cancelled my subscription as the last 5 or 6 opens we’re common drops and just didn’t see value anymore.

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ok, i will check it tomorrow, because i can open the custom crate again

it rose as the last time by 0.04 percent

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The Custom Crate is worthless! After 3 months of getting NOTHING other than common drops THAT I DIDNT SELECT, I cancelled. I’m better off buying a Hero if it ever comes up for sale.

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