About new heroes being dps heroes

Please don’t develop heroes solely on dps. i know people complain if they aren’t good in bounty but we need support heroes for pvp. we have so many dps heroes, and the game is so well designed with a mix of dps and health heroes. I know people love bounty, and it’s fun to have an activity the whole alliance can participate in. but it’s essentially aiming at a target that can’t move or kill you, and really isn’t fun for a lot of people. everyone enjoys the rewards though.

EVERY hero this year has been dps, except the hero from last months people guard faction who’s name escapes me lol and bucket from shoreline. they both are even mixed with some dps. this game was designed beautifully for pvp, and we need a mix of both dps and health centered heroes to enjoy that. yes that means that some heroes are going to suck for bounty, but they have to if they’re going to be a healer. it’s been an entire year since we’ve had a full blown healer added to the game.

now i know this game still cares about pvp because we have way more tournaments than bounties. i get so frustrated reading people complain that a new hero sucks at bounty, so what it has to happen for the game to be balanced. everyone uses the same few support heroes in pvp and the only heroes that change are the dps heroes.

SO I BEG YOU GUYS, for the sake of the integrity of the game, add more support heroes. maybe boost some dps heroes in the faction already a little more so those bounty lovers will be satisfied. don’t start designing the heroes solely around bounty, or the quality will start drop. don’t add a new element to faction just to add that element for bounty. i talk to a lot of the long time players and the big spenders that keep this game alive, and pvp is where it’s at.

in summary… ADD SUPPORT HEROES! thanks for reading! i love this games pvp, so intense and i’ve had the most epic matches in this game that i never felt in a console shooter.

oh- last point- everyone who has netflix, go to the show patriot act, and watch this weeks new episode about the video game industry. it will give you a new respect for game developers and what they go through to produce this content for us on monthly basis. so big thank you for all the hard work, it is very appreciated - i promise.


Bucket - bio tank
Briar - bio healer
Siren - energy dps
Astrix - bio dps
Shank - mech tank
Commando - energy dps
Carabina - energy dps

Well theyre not ALL dps but theres been a bunch of energy dps. Wouldnt be suprised if theres a new mech dps and than a big eclipse of dps.

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The thing with support and healers mean less disadvantage at bounty, so maybe instead of the feature hero having biggest bonus other faction heroes receive a higher bonus