"Assassin's War" Feedback Thread!


The “Assassin’s War” PVP event has concluded and as is becoming tradition with new PvP events, we can’t wait to hear your feedback and thoughts about it, as well as suggestions for the future!

Thank you all who have shared what they think about the last two PvP events as well! It’s our goal to provide an interesting and fun experience for you, so your feedback really matters!

Also, congrats to all who won this amazing portrait!


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Same react for me, it’s fun but i doesn’t want to do 2 pvp at the same time.

Absolutely loved the concept of a no-action skills fight. I’m not sure what it’s like at the Ruby level, but down in Gold, the variety of fights was quite interesting. Very wild west kind of vibe.

I find the same problems come to play as with the previous one. One team will reign and the skill expression that was meant to show isn’t there. There apparently isn’t much thought behind who enters the competition with what kind of skills.
See, at ruby we have two heroes who can turn invincible with increased fire rate for over 10 seconds. Since headshot damage is multiplied this much it is barely ever the case that these two alone can’t kill the entire enemy team without even having given a chance to be shot. Artemis too has invisibility, which isn’t as bad, but that leaves the bots useless as well. What you create with this trio is that for the first 12 seconds of the match your own bots don’t shoot and you can’t kill 2 of them.
Now that’s just the major problem at ruby. Which in my opinion shows there was no consideration in which hero participates in this event. I reinforce this statement with the fact that heroes like Marianas are in an ‘assassin’ event. And she is not the only odd one.
So, understandably you want diversity in these types of gamemodes. But when a gamemode is ment to embrace skilled gunplay heroes like this don’t fit in. If it is a strategic event then heroes like this should be allowed. But by decreasing base damage and increasing headshot damage it is clearly indicated this is the wrong option.
Not to forget, i talked about this trio that cannot be harmed at the start. I want to add that nearly everyone at this level owns these as two are necessities and the other doesn’t have to be higher than plat. So you’re going to see a majority of the people run these. I cannot stress enough how blatantly ridiculous this is. How is a sharpshooter event all about skilled gunplay with headshots allowed to have heroes that cannot be killed or seen for what will be your entire match!

This problem was present with the previous event as well. As simple as it is one setup reigns and everyone owns that and it defeats the fun in it as matches are always unfair or last barely lomger than a sneeze.

This event in my opinion isn’t any different than the previous one. Matches are too short, skill expression is not present, there’s always one solution to win and it overlaps with another pvp event.

My humble suggestion if this were to be repeated.
Reduce headshot multiplier by a large amount and reduce body damage even more. Remove ruby skills or specific skills like Artemis’s invisibility, increase top 10 reward to top 50 or 25. Do not overlap with a pvp event and rethink the selection of heroes to fit. If you want gunplay then have only fitting heroes. If you want strategy then add them, make a clear distinction between those two. It just seems like no effort goes into these events as all it looks like is just an elemental brawl with 3 heroes.

Ultimately, i like the idea but it just isn’t brought out well. I do not have fun in this gamemode in all honesty. I hope my feedback helps. In no way is it hate but just disappointment from the repeating of linearity and no real drastic changes


Assassin Event Review.

Hi there, I played this event quite extensively and achieved the second highest score in the game during its short run time. Here’s some of the things I noticed while playing and my criticisms I have in retrospect.


Revives provide an unfair advantage for those who payed to obtain more through the vip perk system. I suggest removing the ability to revive any heroes for this event. Additionally, it appears at different times for different time zones, which results in different revive reset times which can be inconvenient for some players and advantageous for others, which would make this another thing to disable as it would benefit the fairness of the event by doing so.
(This part may have sounded a bit confusing, but when I say different I don’t mean it just a different time on their clock or time of day for them, I mean it literally resets at different times based on your timezone. Some people may have a reset 1 hour after the event starts, some 7 hours after. It’s a bit strange…)

Problematic heroes,

(Quite a few, so I’ll list some and what makes them problematic, but I’ll try to keep it brief)

Magnus; Passively gains the ability to heal allies just by damaging enemies. Healing shouldn’t be a part of this event, to an extent.

Enigma; His platinum allows him to heal himself and his allies for some of the damage he does. It isn’t too significant and he should be fine in this event in the future if it returns. (Ruby ability is problematic, referred to “ruby ability” section)

Mauler; his passive grants him the ability to stun heroes by critically hitting them twice. Additionally, with Caines passive ability that grants a higher critical hit chance, it can become quite a problem. (Can be fixed upon removing critical hit chances for this event.)

Artemis; despite being a archer and fitting really well with this event’s theme and design, she has a passive ability that grants her invisibility which makes her invincible to ai for the time period it’s active.

4-Cep; Not only does he have a second life, but he practically gets doing damage from his passive platinum ability.

Bolt; His gold provides him with the ability to deal 30% more damage from headshots, which is a bit strong in this event given it’s centered around headshots. He also has the ability to raise his critical hit chance and damage for every shot he takes.

Ficher; Upon taking damage from any source, he has the ability to turn invisible for a short period of time.

Shivs; Practically gets a smaller version of doing damage available in her platinum ability. Additionally gets a passive bonus for killing enemies.

Commando; Gets a passive bonus when below 65% Health and heals upon dealing critical hits. (Can be fixed upon removing critical hit chances for this event.)

Venom; Her platinum grants all allies and herself a potent heal. Healing shouldn’t be a part of this event, to an extent.

Hits / Hitboxes,

Heroes such as Artemis and Warden have “janky” hitboxes that make them very hard to hit when they are reloading. Specifically Warden’s hitbox changes and shift to a different area of the map when she reloads for some reason, which makes it hard to hit her since she reloads for a majority of the time in a match given her weapon type.


I suggest disabling elemental damage for this event given that heroes like Magnus can one shot any mechanical hero. It provides more balance for the heroes and teams this way.

Headshot damage,

It is extremely high, which although it is enjoyable and fun, it does feel a bit too high. Maybe making the headshot damage multiple 2/3 of what it is now would be better, given that a Magnus two shots anyone easily. It just feels like a bit too much, and that a few more shots should be required.

Health boost,

Really nice addition in the way it effected gameplay. However it did affect some heroes better than others, such at Richter compared to Kunoichi. But overall one of the better and more balanced additions that I’m fine with staying as is.

Ruby Passive Abilities,

Mainly ruby abilities, but also some platinum and gold passives, are a problem but I listed them with the problematic heroes so I’ll just list the ruby problems here. Mainly just the initiator, doing damage, and Support ruby abilities.

The Initiator Ruby Ability; Being invincible at the start of a match, gaining a 50% fire-rate boost, and killing the entire enemy team before your even able to be killed is a very unfair.

The Doing Damage Ruby Ability; It provides a lot of damage and makes them unfairly potent compared to heroes without it.

The Support Ruby Ability; it provides the ability for heroes with this passive buff to be able to evade basic attacks from weapons. This means 30% of the time any shots will be negated and deal no damage. This really hinders the theme of the event where every shot was supposed to count and provides a luck factor.


I personally suggest that you find a way to remove the ruby ability buffs at the start of the match. These abilities act as buffs, and in theory it should be possible to remove them from a hero during the match if a system or code is set in place. Think of it as an anti-cleanse, removing a buff instead of a debuff. These heroes really fit this event but their rubies give them an unfair advantage.

Critical hits,

Some heroes have higher critical hit chances than others, and some gain an increase crit chance from skins while others don’t have skins available. Crits can make a difference in this event given the increased damage it provides.

Event timing,

This event, despite its short run-time, is understandably hard to fit into the events schedule. However rather than running it at the same time as the Co-op Pvp, you could have run it directly after it and it would have taken place perfectly in between the Co-op Pvp event and the then upcoming Faction Fight Pvp event. 2 Pvp events at the same time was a bit much…

Hero choices,

I suggest that you revisit some of the choices you picked for an “Assassin” event, because I don’t think someone like Marianas fits very well…
A few others I didn’t see fitting; Richter, Castellan, Callidus, Yanlong, Kobold, and Xianjiu.


These events are really fun, but they never return, and I would love to be able to get my hands on other variants of these special pvp event portraits. Please run these new events again every once in a while as I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to see these events return
(hopefully with some tweaks based on the feedback y’all got).


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