Mandrake ain't that good!

Is it just me or am i the only one that thinks Mandrake is useless even at Gold? he always dies first and his cloak ability barely helps in PvP. What do u guys think?

I think he is in the place he belongs, he is now better counterable and used to keep the entire team alive immediatly giving a big advantage, he is now decently balanced as support hero

Actually I belive he is currently kinda useless. Even the tomahawk skill is crap now that it doesnt stun. They killed the hero, not even for campaign he is usefull since for some reason he is always targeted first and dies quickly. And the next hero to be butchered is Caine. A word of advice dont bother with Mandrake or Caine.


Maybe just strategize a little better. Throw in Phalanx or Butter. Caine’s skills come up quickly if I remember correctly.

@ReD0m3GA Hard disagree, they’re both still solid support heroes. Mandrake and Caine can make the difference between life and death, 3 stars or 1, in campaign.

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yeah man thats why i dont use him anymore.

I agree, you have to manually play heroes to counter him, which most people do anyway. He’s not very affective…