Would this team work for PVP?

Hey guys, I’m trying to build out a new team since my current team doesn’t really have that many synergies once I go plat. I’m currently thinking of going:


I’m mostly trying to get a little feedback before I commit a lot of resources to getting these guys to plat - I’m about 5-6 stars on most of these guys, and I like the team b/c right now everyone there is farmable but Moss. I figure Vanguard and Mauler give me a little early survivability, and if I can survive until Moss’s AOE heal or Savage’s spray n pray go off, I should have a fair shot of making it a match. Thoughts?

In my opinion you should stick a mandrake in there. The halo, savage combo is great but when I play it savage just gets nuked and there goes a big win con.

No early heal/shield equals with not getting many wins.
You need at least one hero to comoensate early damage. Flatline, Nightingale, Fortress etc.

Deff Flatline or heimlock if you can get him to drop that extra hp can secure you the win. Or get a plat Callidus for the taunt at the begging of game to take agro off your combo pieces.

:frowning: you don’t think Vanguard will get his shield off fast enough? I worry about throwing another mandrake in there b/c I’m going to be like 3/5 biochem at that point.

Plat vanguard definitely. He charges his shields in less than 1 clip when plat.

I would swap vanguard with Butters for AOE shields and crazy team survivability or Castellan he is tanky and gives everyone some armor and health at plat and he does decent dps because his turret.

Is Vanguard’s shield fast even when he’s autopiloted? I don’t have any revivers in the build, so my main worry is that someone gets nuked before Moss’s AOE heal kicks in. After his heal goes, I feel like the team has a reasonable shot.

I like Butters a lot, but his shield takes sooooo long to go off. To use him I pretty much need to have a Mandrake or Heim or someone else that prevents my team from getting toasted early. Really ruins my team comp :(.

CPU only deploys the shield when an ally loses a certain amount of health. You’ll have to manual him for about 4-5 seconds.

I honestly don’t play with vanguard but if Gambit is correct about have his shield off of one clip that is really good. Will you have to pilot Vanguard to get the shields to constantly go off.

Weak :frowning:. I was hoping to pilot Mauler from the start to try to get crits on their DPS. I guess it’s not a big deal to pilot Mauler a few seconds in instead, though.

I don’t think I’ll have to pilot him a ton - his plat significantly lowers his shield cooldown, which I think is based on time rather than having shots land, so an AI vanguard should refresh his shield almost as fast as a piloted vanguard. The main question is whether or not the AI is smart enough to use the shield when I need it, but with the way my team is built, there’s going to be a lot of damaged guys pretty quickly, and I think the AI will be triggering the shield somewhat consistently.

If you want to keep your team just swap moss for flatine. If Vanguard is constantly procing shields with flatline stopping people from dying I think you should be fine.

But on the other side of the coin by getting everyone to plat you will be increasing your team score so you will prob be facing people 10+ lvls higher than you -_-. So they will do doing a lot more damage to your heros.

Need Moss for the boost to crit for Mauler :(. I could theoretically use Caine instead, but I don’t have him and I won’t be able to farm him forever.

Use vanguard for min maxing with ur lower heroes his shields are amazing and more beast at plat…

If you rely on time, it takes still a little bit. Best to pilot him for literally 5 seconds, use the shield and leave him. One clip and you have another 400k shield coming up.

I am kind of philosophically opposed to min maxing…its like pokemon here, I want to be the very best…not the very best sandbagger.

Damn, that’s what I was afraid of. Do you think a good dogface could kill my halo before I get the vanguard shield on her?