Nerf Siren

Its just dumb siren+halo and a bunch of shield/healers takes absolutely 0 skill to get a win its just waiting for a skill recharge and you win… lower her damage or make it less ticks or something to many obnoxiouse people thinking their good at pvp because they manage to fill a skill recharge

Try Panzer against such teams, she takes down any energy heroes easily. Should solve your problem.

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Not really, 9 out of 10 times theres a flat with it and once panzer emptys a clip shes useless for the rest of the match xD

Dogface is useful against both Siren & Flatline

No, Panzer is actually a beast vs Siren teams. Use your Breach and Clear and then your first round of shots to focus Flatline. She should die to this, unless she is 10*, 5 bars plat with Heimlock and/or Ronin beefing her up. After she dies Siren usually has her song ready, this is when you use Clean Sweep to interrupt it.

At this point it’s all downhill. Siren is super squishy and dies incredibly fast. The last round of nerfs to her put her in a good spot I think. I would say I beat 80% of Flatlin/Siren teams though?


Siren doesn’t need a nerf. She is powerful but not unstoppable. Flatline could use some looking at, not as scathing as what Ifrit copped but she still needs a look at.

Like others have said; Panzer or Dogface are good counters. I’ve used Shank and Mauler to great effect too.

There is always a counterattack


Brilliant advice mate. Thank you. I love getting tips like this.

This is what I like about heroes that change up the meta. Siren does this, but she’s not unbeatable. If you are struggling to win matches like those, find a new arrangement and make some magic happen.


You’re correct. There are so many combinations that people haven’t tried. I love looking for stuff nobody runs.

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If you have the shields in your team and strong healers, and any DD - Panzer, Dog or Ronin… Siren won’t be a problem. She have not much health and her damage strong, but not enough. She doesn’t need a nerf.

Siren’s balancing is ok. her role is a glass cannon like Clyde, basically she is supposed to deal awesome damage at the expense of vulnerablity to be killed faster. You might be complaining about her because your opponent team has a strong support to cover up her weakness and not being able to deal with it. She can be easily killed in bot team, because they often use poor team compositions.

It’s is not the game’s fault you lost to Siren, the fault you lost was maybe:

  1. Not finding a hero that counters her,
  2. Not skillfully using dps hero to full potential to the level of killing Siren,
  3. You trusted all your bet on auto play, hoping to win even though AI is bad at pvp.

Again, Siren is beatable.

Want a good advise? Use Dogface, manually control him and blast the Vietnam flashbacks out of Siren


Agreed. Basically, Siren, unlike flatline, has a defined role as a glass cannon, sure she deals a lot of damage, but she goes down really fast, and her damage is elemental, meaning tanky mechs (such as Razorback) can survive a barrage and if unfortunate, siren could kill herself from Razor’s taunt


i agree. i often play dog+clyde+caine+butter+hemlock and run to her often. 80% of the time, i win, unless i autplay, in which its 60%

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