Skin Crate/Nanodust Update?

The contents in the skin crate haven’t been updated in a few months, will we see any newer skins added soon?

Nanodust has only one use currently and it’s arguably not that useful for level 90+ players. There should be more ways for us to utilize the nanodust from duplicate skins.

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You made 2 posts about the same topic. Just slightly different. This could have easily been put in 1

Like: “Crates not being updated” or “contents of crates”
Now it is already too late for that. Though i hope you keep it in mind for your next topic😁

I posted something right after the skin tokens update. It was about nano dust. I was told my stockpile was not a common prob in the HH community. Took it for what it was. Nano dust still piling up with no real use for it. Lol

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