Always the same skin

Frankly we can change the skin of the box it is always the same, maybe add the skins of the heroes that we had not had on the screen

can you be more specific as to what skin? and from what crate are you pulling from

I’m talking about the basic cash register that we all know

I have no idea what that is. Were you talking about the Skin Crate? Or maybe the Vault Crate?

From that

Oh ok. That’s the Skin Crate. I think it needs improvement, too. Lots of common skins in there that you should buy with Nanodust instead. And then the Skin Tokens are probably used to upgrade Plus Skins more often nowadays. Not to mention the Vault Crate (has better skins) is pretty rare to get tokens for.

A shame this crate doesn’t get updated regularly with how often new skins are released. It was updated once when plus skins were announced and never again lol.

I’d imagine it’s cuz of Covid and them not being able to go back to the office. That’s my guess as to why certain updates haven’t happened yet.

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