Matador Muerto skin power?

Hi Devs,

I just got the Matador Muerto skin and I’ve leveled it up all the way. First of all - the skin is amazing looking! I’d like this to be my primary Matador skin, but why is the Muerto skin less power than the Mariachi skin?

In my case, the Mariachi leveled up power on my 10 star 4 bar plat Matador is 20,571. For Muerto, it’s 20,452. Yes, it’s only a difference of 119 total power, but considering how much time and effort it took to obtain the skin, I’d think it’d be higher in power than any other Matador skin.


I agree. It kind of turns you away from making it your primary skin. Since we want to be stronger and not weaker.

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Power really means nothing in the game… Since the stat boosts are diff and the calculation for total power by stats is a formula that auto-calculates it, I doubt it’s intended. Nor is it consequential. Just use the better skin when using him for AW I guess if you think that 100 power diff matters -_-.

It gives you an interesting choice for how you want to use him, you might want that extra Crit Chance, but as crit chance doesnt do damage or give health it doesnt get calculated. Power might be a good option for AW, but when you arent in a war and doing pvp change up the skin to this one. it all really depends on how you want to play the hero, and where your focus is.
If we made all the skins the exact same stats and bonus’ that would also be pretty boring no?


I don’t care about the 119 difference. I never should have even mentioned it because the point of my post has been missed.

As I said in my original post “Yes, it’s only a difference of 119 total power, but considering how much time and effort it took to obtain the skin, I’d think it’d be higher in power than any other Matador skin.” Higher in power meaning the highest stats of the 3 Mat skins.


Armor > Crit Chance, also better health and damage
Mariachi FTW! :sunglasses:

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An extra 3% crit chance on a tank means nothing. I would expect this skin to be better than it’s predecessor but it’s really not. No reason to use it in pvp or AW.

So don’t feel bad if anyone fails to get the muerto skin. :laughing:

@LordNikon doesnt this have the EXACT same stats as thr common skin? Thats still boring

Look, I had a great time hunting pumpkins - honestly these seasonal events are the best and it’s awesome to see the community working together. It was a blast and I can’t wait for the Christmas hunt.

I have a sense of accomplishment and pride that I was able to get all 100 pumpkins (with help from the community). I’d love to enjoy my accomplishment by using the Muerto skin, but after looking at the stats you realize it’s purely cosmetic, unless you don’t already own the Mariachi skin. I own 3 Mat skins and as much as I love the Muerto skin I can’t justify wearing a skin on a character that has lower stats, especially one with no armor boost, lower health, and lower damage percentages than Mariachi.


On the Mariachi skin: Damage Per Second is 33,073 and Damage Per Shot is 3,306.
With the Muerto skin: Damage Per Second is 32,882 and Damage Per Shot is 3,287.

I don’t want to argue with trolls or sycophants over these numbers. Don’t tell me you don’t want the most out of every single character. I’m just providing feedback in the feedback section.

Who got time to change skins everytime!?. I unlocked it and never going to apply it unless it changes. Just a waste of time.

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