Skin Tokens and Skins

Over the past several months we have only gotten the odd holiday skin here and there. There have not been any new legendary skins in some time, and no new ones to purchase with tokens. At this point I have over 10k skin tokens stock piled since we still get them from almost every PVP tournament and event. This is with me owning every skin available and having almost all of them at level 3.

I was just wondering, is this something you the developers plan to continue to support? I am not looking for any specifics here, just wondering if skins are going to keep being added to the game, or more will be added soon? If not, can you replace the token rewards? Getting a bunch of tokens as rewards that have no use is not fun.


The most recent answer I remember seeing explained that assigning resources to creating new skins is hard to justify since skins are not very cost-effective. Graphically, some skins can require an amount of work that is similar to creating an entirely new hero; unlike new heroes, however, skins are very difficult to monetize for revenue generation. The result being that resources that would have been put toward skins instead get spent in areas that more tangibly add value.

I can understand that, especially with legendary skins that alter a skill AND give stat increases on top of a whole new model.

If that’s the case though, and they aren’t going to put many resources into new skins, why not remove tokens as a reward? Either that or seriously reduce the amount of tokens we get? I have 10k just sitting there without any use at all right now. I am sure people who PVP more have a lot more than that.

I have the same problem with excess tokens/dust and also hope to see a more graceful resolution to the whole skin situation. If it’s going to continue - great, but let’s get some serious balancing efforts on the skin token reward rate. If it’s not going to continue - whatever, I won’t be torn up, but we need some closure.

What I don’t care for is that we’re left with what feels like a half-attempted experiment that ran out of steam and is now just hanging on limply while serving no discernible purpose. Whatever direction it gets taken - it needs to be far more intentional that what we’re seeing now.


So… New skins? Yes? Maybe? Hard NO?!