Where the hell is skin tokens?

Five or more event passed and there was no skin ttoken rewards for any of the brackets? So what’s is wrong

In case you didn’t hear skins are on the backburner at the moment so people complained about getting tokens with no way to use them, as a result tokens are not gone from rewards until they will be usable again.

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have not completely disappeared.
Even if they are few they are among the rewards of the bounties

ok I’m agree with you but what about the people who are not fully unloked skin in the skin roaster they need skin tokens definitely to unlock new skins


Yeah I know it sucks, i presume there will be some events giving out tokens again soon so I’d just hold up and wait, you can purchase tokens through the alliance store still.

You can buy them through allaince store and there are lots of opportunities to score allaince tokens

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I have over 5k no real loss here

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well that screws any new players or growth, or we just trying to make the old ones happy?

There will be an opportunity for Skins related items in August.