What HAPPENED with the skin tokens?!?!

The only way you can get skin tokens is from the alliance store and the developers should place skin tokens as a pvp reward.

No, not until they make new skins. Many of us have too many as it is. There is still the alliance store where you can buy skin tokens from. It’s not like they’re nonexistent.


It is no enough though and costs a bit too much.

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If you are brand new, it will take some time get enough tokens for most of the skins. However, a lot of us have literally thousands with nothing to spend them on. Personally I have over 11k tokens, 2k dust, and every single skin in the game, at level 3.

I think a good compromise would have every third PVP tournament rewards skin tokens. Anymore than that is overkill though, unless they start adding more skins again.

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All through my first few months I grinding allianc gems to get skin tokens, it’s possible :man_shrugging:

Right now there is no point, when a bunch of new skins are release I guaruntee there will be a large skin token event to coincide for new players :slight_smile:

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