Skins for characters

I’ve been playing Hero Hunters for almost a year now and I cannot help but notice that there are a lot of characters who have no skins or just the underwhelming color change skins. I’m just curious what others think as characters who deserve at least a rare skin at this point.

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Kunoichi needs a skin, where her face helmet is removed to show her beautiful asian face. :laughing:

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Agree with you…

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Sapphyr should get one like that too!!!


Not to mention all the “faceless” heroes…

Fischer, Kobold, Anvil, Sentry, Halloway, Fortress, Carabina, Xianju, Bucket, Operator, Vanguard, Elite Riffleman, Chester… Chester is a bot, though…

And Ifrit… Maybe he can have a rare skin, a face without the make up on…

Whaddya guys think? Lol