Smack down stadium and just frames in general in pvp

Half the time my game crashes or runs at 10 frames on any map other than terminal and whenever I get smack down stadium it almost immediately crashes

What device do you play on? Also do you have high framerate mode on? If you have a phone with 4GB processor or more should probably go to support because it should work…sometimes your phone isn’t bult for gaming so it doesn’t work well.

I play on a Motorola g8 power 4gb ram adreno 610 and snapdragon 665 on reg graphics and 75 percent res and sometimes on a ipad mini 2 on reg graphics and high framerate mode

I pad mini2 would :+1: crash some. But you should probable send to support just so they can access your account and see if there is an issue. I play on S10 8GB RAM and 512GB storage and almost never have issues.

Snapdragon is only good for gaming after 700…
It simply means u gotta get 720-730 or 800+ SD chipset…
Don’t know about ios but, SD works like that… They optimize slowly.

Eh, I just deal with it… All the new maps except terminal more or less crash the game for my phone, its annoying, but I don’t really need a phone upgrade right now so its not the worst thing ever.

That’s totally your device or internet, my phone runs smooth at 60fps

I don’t understand because my iPad runs it smooth half the time and my phone can run call of duty mobile at its max settings with no lag and run pubg just fine but this? Nah

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