So... How about this Shivs character?

Well, i for one, love her.

So i have to admit, i was 21 minutes too late to Join the hero spotlight, so i decided i really wanted to say everything thats not being said about our new instant-favourite - Shivs!

I was lucky enough to roll her on crate 2, and luckier still to roll the skin on day 1 of the event! (and 900 nanodust since)

Which brings me to my first point - new players. New players are Absolutely going to have enough earned gold through mission progression to think a couple of rolls is worth the gamble. A few will get lucky, the rest will probably get a couple of new heroes. Theyre new.
Which brings me straight to my second point - something different! Yes i know a few hundred gold to roll frags for cruddy heroes is old news to old players, but ive considered the fact that this particular new hero was not your run-of-the-mill smash & grab in 8 days so everyone has a chance at the new guy, this was a five star hero!! something to actually covet, work for, earn, and ultimately, brag about When you got her first and everyones still 49 frags away…
Thats different. And i like it.

So id like to tip my hat to the devs for shaking it up on this one, very nicely done.

I definitely look forward to her being incorporated into peoples lineups because they actually want her and not just because shes super buff and new and everyones pvp team is shank&shivs,shank&shivs,shank&shivs…

P.S. Please - nothing about Quick win tickets or lack thereof - im hurting too - but no whinging for the sake of whinging.


Gah you’re lucky I spent all my gold (4k+) on her crate and nothing. Did get the skin tho.

i dont have her, but i do have her skin. still like 100 frags away.

so shes just there

Got her on roll 2. Awesome hero and much better than starting at 3 stars like the recent additions. Keep it up HH!

How are you 100 frags away? I never got her from a crate and at 160/165

she’s one mean chick, good dps, and her skills are fatal to teams that dont carry medics. Especially good against flat teams that dont have additional healers. She’s worth the 2100 gold i spend on her crates.

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I love her as well. Got her up to 9 stars and cannot wait for bounties this weekend.

there hit a point where i didnt get to play for several days. so missed out on that.

and sometimes i dont get to play again. so just get few frags. i did open some crates, but that didnt help at all.

That sucks. I just unlocked her today doing the coops

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