5* new hero requiring 165 frags in 6 days before bounty

I have discussed this with many of my fellow HH friends. We are very disappointed to see a 5* new hero introduced, because of the 165 frags needed to unlock her. The raid begins Saturday, and usually we can unlock a normal 3* hero the next Saturday, or day 2 of bounty. Now, with 165 frags needed, and still the same depressing 8 frags a day limit, it will take 21 days to unlock her. 21. That’s not a typo. So we can unlock her on day 1 of the SECOND bounty. Thanks for ruining HH for me. I’ll still play, love the game, but I wanted you to know how disappointed I am, and many others.


Agree with you completely here. This game is becoming more and more pay to win. Don’t think I will be playing much longer.


I’m surprised this forum isn’t flooded with complaints like this…^^ … a 5 star for a co op? What were you guys thinking? What’s the thought process on this decision? You guys know unlocking heroes before bounty is very important to us. I usually get the heroes before, but I can see this not going well.


Not to mention that there is still no booster crates that give you guaranteed frags but only stupid crate with 4% chance.


You can get the new hero guaranteed if you spend 11700 gold, which works out at about £200. That is a hell of a lot for a hero that may well turn out t9 be garbage. This game is sadly now another pay to win scam.


I think some players are still realizing the new hero is a 5*. It should definitely be fixed and made a 3*.


I really hope the developers consider raising the daily frag limit from 8 to 12 as you can earn up to 7 frags on a level 90 coops. What is the point of doing a harder co-op when there is minimum benefits.

Raising the daily frag from 8 to 12 will allow more people to participate in Bounty/AW/Pvp events with Shiv by the 2nd bounty which would encourage greater participation versus only those that are lucky enough to get through a crate.

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4% is a lot higher than some crates. HAHA. Thankfully I never pulled any of them.

Pretty ridiculous never seen one that’s 165 pretty clear just trying to get people to spend more money

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21 days of coops at 8 frags a day. If they were to increase the max frag to 12, that would bring it to 14 days, which would at least allow people to participate with the featured hero by the 2nd bounty.

Hey guys,

I’ve been collecting all of your feedback, and the team is reading it. Thanks for voicing your opinion.

However, just so you can plan accordingly, I wanted to let you know that we’re not changing the 8 daily frag limit in the foreseeable future.


So basically if you want her good luck on the crate?

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I believe I asked some specific questions and that seems to be a pretty generic answer.

If the 8 frag limit is staying, how about add a booster crate to get frags for Shiv before first bounties come up?
This way we get a chance to unlock her for the 2nd bounties at least if not the 1st.

The better change would be to change her to 3*.

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First time F2P guys are gonna miss the featured hero for the entire month’s bounties. Yay.

Not just free to play.
Those that are broke will miss it too.

But seriously, there are lots of players already considering dropping the game for good with this new change. Not having the new hero for BOTH bounties is a real stab in the gut for many players.
Many play to unlock the new hero to stay competitive and not have to spend some couple of hundred dollars each time to get the new hero.

For now they are waiting to see how HH responds to this.
If nothing changes then we will see more players drop this game for good as so many don’t like P2W games.


Also doesn’t just affect bounties, it affects Alliance wars too for bonus points.
Those that pay to win we will see up the top of the leader board.

Hh has forgotten about their staple = F2P.
Those f2p will eventually lead to paying players since this game is quite addictive and you just want to get powerful to get better. But if they shut them out too soon like what they have done here, that income and player base diminishes.


People were upset with the 8 frag limit they did nothing, people were upset when emulators “magically” stopped working. They won’t do anything about it

I can see how they got rid of it.
Not necessary to play the game.

But the 8 frag limit.
They can add booster crates to help or even raise the 8 frag limit to 10 or 12 especially if they are releasing a 5* hero.
Something needs to added to help with that 8 frag limit to help players unlock the new hero for at least the 2nd bounties and not be locked out of both bounties.

I don’t think the dev’s realise what they’ve done by doing it this way. It also affects Alliance wars!
AW is one of the main game modes for this game where players burn money rezzing their top team.
But if they can’t get bonus points for the new hero then a team’s rank falls quite significantly and that feeling of defeat and “why bother” comes into play so they won’t spend any gold on rezzing their top team.


Seriously? Wow, and to think that I defended the previous system of unlocking 3 star heroes on day 2 of bounty on the basis that they should be earning something to cover their costs… but it seems it only served to encourage HHG to double down on cash grabbing… so disappointing…