Shivs: pay and pray!

V5-Star Hero Shivs as Bounty Bonus Hero - thx HHG.

Hello HotHead. I don’t want to cry, but what you are doing right now is not okay. You should earn your money, but to bring a 5-star hero which you can only buy through the crate… guaranteed from level 7 … wow… so pay and pray to get her in step 1. Otherwise by daily 8 frags :frowning: thx from us p(l)ayers!

Now you have reached a pain point where you demotivate and frustrate many players, including me! Everyone wants to put the metal on the pedal at Bounty!

What should the players do who don’t have Shivs? You know yourself very well how often Shivs will be required with the target! And AllianceWars…?

Spending 11.700 Gold that you buy for 250,- Euro… when all I wanted do do is getting Shivs? Of course you get many additional heroes or frags. But if you only want Shivs you can goofy look of your face at next bounty and wait until you have played her over the town hall - or pay and pray!

I have the impression that you are getting too greedy and want to give you the feedback that you may be able to celebrate the full bags for a short time, but the mood among many players tilts because the pain threshold was clearly exceeded!

Please unscrew your greed, because for my part I won’t go this way with you any further. When the new hero becomes an extreme puzzle, it’s only a matter of time before I lose the fun at the game. In the german chat you didn’t find any friends with this action!

Edit after muting:
Is this the way HHG handles critical posts…? Closing post?
And no answer to my personal message to Muninn. Very sad approach. The hint to write feedback directly to HHG is useless, because you only get pre-printed standard answers.



Thanks for sharing your feedback. We already had a topic about this, which was closed due to no new information being added.

If you ever want to send us feedback, there’s an easy way to do it directly through the in-game Feedback function. If you’ve searched the forum and found a topic on a subject, and it was closed for reiterating the same points, ask yourself if your point adds anything new to the conversation. That’s one of the many rules of the forum.

If it doesn’t, your best bet would be to share it through the in-game feedback function.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.