Some Late Game Tips

Hi. I’m currently stuck at levels 13-6 at normal and at 11-9 hard. Can anyone give me tips on beating them? Here is my roster.

The only way is to get stronger. Im not sure its even possible with your current roster and i dont remember where i was at in power when i passed those levels. Wish i could be more helpful but gaining more power is the only way i see. Higher starred heros and more plat stripes.

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You’re gonna work on getting some farmers if you are thinking of doing any late game things. For me moving into late game was super simple through Hard missions, I farmed frags from Ryker, Gale, Beck, Cross, Matador and Dogface until they were 10* then keep farming to unlock the Heronium store. From this store you will see much faster growth as you can purchase elemental frags to then work on upgrading more heroes such as Cinder, Maven and Surge which will provide you with even more heronium daily through your daily quests.

Once you have a bunch of 10* farmers going you can focus more on getting platinum bars on your heroes, work on a few select that are good for support and damage.

Beck, Dogface, Cinder, Siren are all good DPS options that won’t die instantly (except maybe siren)
Keel, Caine, Halo, Drake, Flatline, Gale are all good support/healers

Work on getting them to around 2-4 bars before you want to consider trying the harder missions, because they can really be tough even if you are overpowered without the right team synergy and composition.

Finally, to work on getting those bars your daily acitivites and events are a must, try and take part in war and bounty and your patrol crate to get Energy, Alliance gems and Universal frags (these uni frags will help giove you a boost to upgrading your heroes when you are short on frags, you will get x amount every week depending on your patrol crate level. PVP events are also important, some will offer frags but more importantly some will give you energy and PVP gems which can be used to get even more frags.

Alliance gems are vital and a must for speeding up getting Platinum bars, they will help you get those coires and swords without grinding for them (save your energy). The Alliance and Heronium stores are your best friend for unlocking gear for upgrading and buying elemental frags for upgrading.

Using this formula, you should see massive amounts of growth once you have a few 10* farmers going.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip gale. I’ll try that

Sudden, I’ll elaborate a little too. Everything @Gale said was correct. The only thing he left out was to CONCENTRATE all your universal and elemental frags to 1 hero. By the composition of your roster you are spreading frags among heros. That prolongs the farming.

So if you want to get Ryker and the others from the first 3 hard mode missions to 10 star concentrate on getting one to 10* then move to the next. Nightengale was my first 10*. Once I was done with her I used her to boost Ryker. With the 9 from Nightengale (that are now heronium) plus the 9 from Ryker is now 18 a day for Ryker. Then after that go to say Beck. So you are going from 9 Beck frags a day to 27 a day (including heronium) and so on and so forth.

After you start the process it will go insanely quick to starring the heros. Personally I use my video runs for platinum parts in sectors 9+ since the stamina cost is way higher. That’s my personal strategy.